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Panera and just hit 500 points. He's the 7th Russian to do so and he's one of 5 active players to hit 500 points in 457 games McDavid Crosby Ovechkin and Malcolm and the others. But it's incredible that Chicago got rid of this guy. You know what they have right now in their organization that basically has replaced Panera. They'll disrespect the Calvin behind, but they have Calvin de Haan in a third rounder in 22 to show for it. This guy's an MVP caliber candidate 11 million a year and they got nothing basically to show for him. I recently the Kane comments, you go, I was like, that was the funnest I've ever had playing hockey when I was playing with Panera. I don't get to it later too about I think that we need new blood as new GMs. Like there's some very competent people over there out there who should be getting an opportunity, but how do you not consult a player like Patrick Kane if you're management about a guy you're playing with like that? I don't know. It was just like by a mile. Yeah. Got a lot of them. There was some tough ones, but to get rid of Panera and he was signed correct. When they got rid of them, wasn't he signed for like two years? How long did he play for Columbus? Yeah, what's crazy is they actually extended him in December of 16 and then they traded on that somebody who was making 6 million. It defies belief like they had them for that price. Now he's making almost double that with a range is just an all time. He's gonna get back because of this nice little stretch here. Imagine a ponytail for a few weeks. It's time to give it to the big dog. Yeah, he is something else, man. He's been the last three years completely over a point per game, and then this year he's way over it. And then even his first two seasons, it was just a point per game right around there. And it's a special player. The fact that he's not playing on Chicago is a joke. I could see why chief pulls the hair out of his head all the time thinking about it. I'd be frustrated as fuck too. An old teammate, you guys had a huge milestone Mark Andre flurry when his 500th game just a third goal in history to do so after a while he did it in Montreal his hometown with the two nut and shout out, which was his 69th career shot out with. This is when you say nice biz. I don't know. It was kind of cool. Fans usually don't root for the guy in the other team, but he's a local guy that would chant and flurry at the end of the game. They probably weren't going to come back pretty cool moment there. And then the teammates gave a little water bath when he walked in the room, but Florida is just one of those guys that seems like everybody in the leagues like in the league likes and there's nothing phony about it. Yeah, he is. He's just always in a great mood. He's definitely the most talked about goalie. We've had like we talk about on this show, just 'cause all these milestones continues to rack up and go through, but I mean, he's what, 50 wins away from second all time? Is that where I think it's right around there? It's a broader wall than him. Three Canadians. That is. And then I think leono might be fourth. So the fact that he's been able to do this and go on a run the way he has for this long, it's just a testament to the type of guy he is, how good of a shape he stays in. He's a machine, his off ice. He's so dedicated. And I think that, you know, a lot of people did feel bad for him in a sense. He won the vessel last year, right? And he said this amazing run in Vegas, but then he just, you know, he kind of always always playing second fiddle in a sense, right? And Murray kinda took his job and in Pittsburgh and then he gets to Vegas and then they decide to keep Leonard instead of him, which right now, the fans are, I mean, Leonard got taken out of the game the all night, the place went nuts. So things aren't exactly going great goaltending wise there in Vegas, but he goes to Chicago and there was rumors he was very disappointed and he goes on. He's able to have this awesome milestone in Montreal. So, I mean, I'm very happy for him. We've gotten to chat with him. I think, 'cause he been on the show twice, G? Yeah, he came on with Schmidt and Reeves, didn't he? Yeah, they came into the office. I was talking about him on the coyotes broadcast and like such a bizarre career too, but things happen for a reason. All of a sudden he ends up in Chicago going to just so happens is 500 win is in Montreal and he gets to hear his name chanted by the Montreal crowd. So it's such a fascinating story and a guy you said he kind of he's gotten the ride right into the deal despite what he's done for the game, but he keeps on going. So I'm happy that he got to have that moment to kind of like a roller coaster of this career that he's been on. Like the way that the season started with Chicago after having the surprise deal this summer, but I'm happy for him and I hope he ends up becoming second all time. It looks like first is probably going to be impossible to be, right? Second might even be asking a lot. I don't know how long he wants to continue to play. I mean, he's got a full season or a season and a half of getting wins to even get to second. Yeah, bro do it 6 91. That's gonna be tough man. Someone's gonna have to play a long time and be real good to beat that. He also played his 909 hundredth game earlier in the week just the 8th going to do so as well. So again, hats off to my country, Florida. Another big milestone. Now boy, coop, John Cooper gets his 400th win as a coach in record time, no coach in NHL history has reached 400 wins this quick. He's also the longest tended coach in the league he's now 39th on the list of wins. I said before, I mean, this guy seems to be on the fast track for the Hall of Fame if he keeps this up. Biz talk about right place right time and he said it during his interview he wasn't even going to go down there. He didn't want to disrespect devisor and then he spends fucking two hours in his office and next thing you know he gets handed this absolute juggernaut and dealt with all that adversely early on, not able to figure out how to solve the puzzle and they get fucking kicked in the dick by Columbus and then they come back and win two in a row and yeah a very well deserved well deserved and I mean, I don't see this guy slowing down anytime quick. I mean, we talk about a guy who when he came in the league by the time he's finished. He could be like a Scotty Bowman, right? He's on that. Okay. That team's gonna be relevant for at least another fucking three, four years. So it's been a wild ride for coop and no one person more deserving. Yep. Congratulations. You got to also think about that. Even though there's team was stacked last year, to lose your best player for the entire skeet's part of their best player. But one of their best players, kuch rob's out all last year, he still is doing a lot of juggling, right? I'm not necessarily saying juggling egos, but he's got great players in there. A lot of them want the puck. He's got a deal with different personalities. This year, they have like four or 5 losses in regulation. They have no point. Kuchar is out again. They lost their entire third line. So, yeah, he is a great team, but he is able to completely, he has figured out a way to get the most out of every player that he coaches. And you see the job pat maroons done since he's gone there and they go way back to the NHL days St. Louis. Perry looks phenomenally at a slow start, but all of a sudden he's scoring now..

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