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Monitor sensed that was their primary business until is you category tracker came along so we'll do step servais do but the heart rate at real work was run cheaper it's the g yes that's a little tricky cause most of these will tye do a phone of what the phone do the jeep yes because if you had it yeah why house to help the only well i mean that's why i'm getting rid of it you don't you don't if you get in so many of these don't require phone not many some the problem with the putting in jeep yes in a watches it it takes a battery life right and it makes a watch low but bigger but some watches now do had cheaply as apple has started putting keep yes and their series to apple watches i'm not gonna recommended apple watch cause you have to have an eye from i was going to say i knew your again it's a apple watch well in does all of that doesn't talk to you some of the sam send year watches will do that as well but i think you're actually do on the right track with these polar one which which polar you interest in the three six stands and so you're upset and alex formed i read it's not it's not pretty like they play but i think you have everything that i was then goals four hundred cheap yes running watch i mean these this yeah this looks pretty nice except for the talking to i'm very expensive now it's under two hundred bucks that's good yeah has built in jeep yes so doesn't require phone polar dez you know always the king a heart rate monitor so i would bet there watches do a very good job all look.

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