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For the upper Midwest and even down to the deep South 10 for a windshield. Freeport 19 for one show potentially is Friday morning in Houston. That will get your chicken, your boots and your 10 gallon hat. Sure, 19 degrees in Houston. This next system coming, It's going to be moving a little faster, so it should be over soon. We'll get the forecast here in just a second, but they are expecting rain on Super Bowl Sunday morning in Tampa. Hopefully it'll clear up in the afternoon game time temperature. It'll be around 70 traffic and weather together here on the Big one. We're looking at really nice driving conditions for middle of February, no accidents and no unusual highway delays. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced industry Weather Center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear. Dennis Don Kam have a lot of sunshine. But the clown to be building is the afternoon progresses, and these clowns were leading to snow chances overnight. Highs and low to mid thirties despite scattered snow showers arriving tonight We won't be expecting much accumulation for Mr Veer Weather Station. I'm nine first warning meteorologist. Also. Winfield news radio 700 wlw right now, 35 degrees in Cincinnati, a former city councilman Charlie Wind Burn has been appointed Hamilton County treasurer. Republicans installed the first African American to be the county's treasure. In the city's history. Now wind burn ran for that job and lost last year. But he's going to be able to take the job for about six months because he's replacing the current treasurer who's now moving over to the Hamilton County. Judge's seat. Now the elected treasurer Jill Schiller, the one who one is going to take over in about six months, Kroger is putting its money where its mouth is longer, announcing Friday that it will be offering a $100 bonus, too many associates to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. The Cincinnati based grocery store chain, said the one time bonus would go to associate to.

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