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The the alleged had pervian the dallas mavericks organization he should be on this list because he's a prince than grad but he didn't make the list the story was an out then number one most influential princeton alumnus jeff us number two robert muller the third he's number two number three a high alito who's the conservative justice sonia soto malia my war and elena kagan the two moonbat female supreme court justices of a appointed by uh barack obama number eight chris sheasby number six eric schmitt my brother did even underlined him eric schmitt from gugel sterling was thereafter wall one number eight moute chao albahnassi that's what i was looking for arms the price she's not number one class of 85 then we go down a little bit some people i didn't know david kelly he's a hollywood producer we go down a number sixteen david rim neck the editor of the new yorker o of uh one of the biggest of the obama rump swops how in the new yorker so influential yeah yeah what's that all about cutting the pink of and you're right i really think they're in dentist's office number 21 speaking of not influential anymore george will comes in at number 21 prince than alumnus and he is tied you know he's tied with cornell wes how long now george will used to be a really good columnist yes i know now he's just become a he's become a troll so many people have become trolls and the number twenty three josh marshall from pocking points memo another of that's a left wing leftwing bloc so that's a that's our list of the day from up princeton university eight four four five hundred forty two forty two when we come back we're going to have an author has got a new book out about the transgender moment on.

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