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The plant breeding route and James stales response to that there's some exceptionally good breeding programs going on in the world. But you don't end up with Kevin Nash. You end up with something different to Kevin dish. And so if we want to replace Kennedy's with something probably very, very different will probably get that, from the conventional braiding preference. So if you wanna have the Kevin dish in the future, if you wanna have Kevin dish in twenty years time that probably going to be genetically modified that probably gonna be Jane edited that makes it sound as if the Kevin dish as we know it may well be headed for extinction, depending on the banana, companies decisions and the public's response to genetic modification so four the billions of people who eat trillions of bananas, a great many of them, Kevin dish. How panic should they be? We the industry would say this Penick the will run. But what about the cabinet banana? Okay. What I think we're going to have to probably confront is actually having more varieties of been available in the future, as we protect the farming of bananas. We're going to have to get used to how we can actually grow and commercialize and the new the districts for different bananas. The prospect of exporting several different kinds of bananas, would be an adjustment for the industry. Of course, for consumers less standardization might mean higher prices. But the prospect of finding several varieties of banana in a grocery store would hardly be unsettling considering how many varieties of apples and grapes,.

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