Brian Todd, Reporter, Vladimir Putin discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


New tonight a journalist investigating powerful russians with ties to lead of your putin is dead after a fall at his home he's the latest critic of the kremlin to meet an untimely death part of the disturbing pattern that stretches back decades brian todd has gathering details on the case brian tell us what you're learning we'll russian officials are saying tonight they don't believe any crime has been committed the friends and colleagues of this reporter say that's a typical attempt at cover up we've learned this journalist had exposed some information embarrassing vladimir putin and his france maxine bora dean thought he was in danger the russian journalist contacted a friend last week said his apartment building was surrounded by armed russian security personnel wearing camouflage and face masks the friend says bodine then called him and said it was a false alarm tonight borodino is dead having fallen from his fifth floor apartment russian officials say they don't suspect foul play that there are no indications of a crime but friends and colleagues don't believe it was a suicide and human rights observers don't believe it was accidental yet again a russian journalist who's covering topics the kremlin doesn't weren't covered has died maxine borodino had been investigating powerful wealthy and dubious russians with close ties to flat amir putin one is electoral pasta get blows please just sanctioned by the us treasury department a billionaire who once had close ties to paul manafort president trump's former campaign manager who was indicted as part of robert muller's russia investigation.

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