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Well as. In southern California on ABC News Talk How you doing junior did you have a good weekend doing great? Yes. I had an awesome weekend. It was so relaxing and Yeah, and even today was great I mean. I it's hard to make put me to Food I. Guess I always feel like I said the same thing when you asked me just always in a pretty good mood so Why because you have gratitude. For for the little things in life I do. I can be happy just sitting outside and enjoying any kind of weather. Weather Right now. I fire this morning. Yeah and just sat out there reading and drinking coffee and playing with my dog love. That sounds awesome. You know have eleven dogs but he's the only one that's on that side of the House. So because he's still I'm having you know, I'm just GonNa take my time mixing them up I've got the time to take my time with it. So I'm very fortunate to have a pretty big property and Rescue A. Of Animals something that is very dear to my heart anyone that listens to the show regularly and a children's advocacy is also very dear to my heart and our first guest today Mary I can't wait to introduce her she serves as a general counsel and Vice Chair of the board at the Children's defense she laughed the Faculty of The New York University School of law where she served for seventeen years most recently directing. Its graduate lawyering program. Mary received her masters of Arts and juris doctorate degrees from Columbia University and her undergraduate degree. From Harvard she has worked in international public and private law and is the CO author of the Book Vaccine Epidemic. The HP vaccine on trial seeking justice for a generation betrayed, you can find her at Children's health defense dot org. That's Children's health defense dot org always an honor to have Mary Holland on. The show, how are you doing today Mary? I'm great such a pleasure to be here in Ankara I always look forward when you're on the show I do because I know that the conversation is going to be extremely intelligent and very timely, and there's so much going on with the children's health defense right now, where do you WanNa Start? Do you want to start talking about the case against Facebook for censorship? What about? We sure sure. So we are involved in many litigation efforts. We can talk about sort of the general picture, but you know one of the most important things in any society is making sure that people have access to information and for children's health defense like for many other nonprofits reaching out to people through facebook has been a lifeline, its social media. Is really important to us on twitter and facebook to Graham and one of the things that's happened over the last year is that facebook has basically put warning labels on our scientifically proven information saying this is misinformation go to the CDC, and because facebook explicitly wrote in their warning labels that they were working directly with the CDC and the World Health Organization. In order to post these things on our website and to give true information they say about vaccine, we alleged that that really is sort of getting around the First Amendment that see that facebook is working directly with state actors with the government, and they're allowing the government to do through a private actor facebook what the government cannot do on its own. Through under the constitution. So that's one of the claims we also make other claims that they've they took away our donate button. So they really have harmed us They've taken away a property interest that we had even though they can. You know we agree it's a private company and they could not let us have their access to their platform at all. If they do give us access to their platform. They can't sort of deprive us of basic rights that they allow that they give to others and they can't do it for invidious reasons. So that's a major lawsuit that's going forward and we're involved in a number of things that we think ultimately their their purposes to protect child Health Bernadette and to hold actors accountable who are really harming children's health and to make sure that these things don't happen going forward but we are in very, you know very complex times right now for sure Well, you know it's funny the timing. So I love the book, the moth and the iron long it takes you you're very familiar with and I know you you. There's no way you couldn't be because it goes way back in the history of all the trustees that have gone on for many many hundreds of years really now. Of Children that are. All people really but children are more vulnerable because there's More vulnerable. and. Protected by protection and You know it is. It is a terrible reality Bernadette that we have allowed things to be done to children in terms of the vaccine program that we have not allowed for adults right so we are subjecting almost all children ninety nine percent of children in the United States have been vaccinated whereas when you get, there is an adult schedule we're supposed to be getting our tetanus shots every ten years. There's you know there's a variety of shots that are recommended for adults but generally speaking there's no mechanism for enforcement and the way that there is the mechanism of schools, and so we have really put a burden on children that we have not put on the Dulce, and now that Cova mandates are coming up very fast on us for adults and flew mandates much more frequently we're really starting to see. What we have been subjecting children. Well, can you give a few statistics on Children's health today? Yea, absolutely. So you know children's health is essentially in a crisis and unfortunately our health agencies really don't talk about this in the way that they should but according to government statistics fifty, four, fifty, four percent of American kids have some kind of chronic condition i. mean that's more than half clearly something is wrong but you know thirteen percent of American kids are in special ed one in six has some kind of a developmental disorders such as autism million suffer from allergies about eleven percent have adhd. Kids are being diagnosed more frequently with cancer. The real number for autism is somewhere between one and thirty two and one in fifty, nine There's an epidemic of autoimmune diseases and allergies, and some of them are life threatening, and then there's sort of the the snowflake phenomenon right for young adults they have their prone to anxiety very fragile. There needs to be you know warning labels on things and then we have A. Much higher rate of sudden infant death syndrome. We have a much higher rate of deaths among infants before one year of age that almost any other country in the developed world. There's something really wrong and one of the most disturbing things is that you know the the Centers for Disease Control Health and Human Services they're not even talking about the crisis in.

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