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You're listening to all things considered from NPR news. The MTA could be opening four new metro north train stations in east Bronx in as soon as four years the plan would transform an area that's home to large medical centers and universities and the largest op complex in the world coop city. This is part of the Bronx that also has one of the largest reverse commutes in the country, people going from the urban core Manhattan to the outskirts of the city the subway doesn't go there. Either right now they mostly rely on cars and buses joining us now to discuss WNYC's transportation reporter, Steven Nessin. Hey, Steven, Jamie. So I why don't you situate us geographically this project would add four new metro north stops in the east. Bronx writers would be able to get there from Penn station in about twenty minutes, and it wouldn't require the MTA to alter the landscape much. That's because unlike say the second. Stations where the MTA has to drill make a new tunnel. Then lay the tracks in this case, the tracks are already in place right now, they're used by Amtrak for trains that run on the line from Penn station to new Rochelle and up the northeast corridor. This project would add stations at hunts point park, Chester Morris park and co coop city and onto new Rochelle if they need the new stations would cost north of five hundred million dollars and New York state is already agreed to fund most of it. All right. So why are we hearing about this? Now is there some sort of deadline coming up. Not exactly the rough deadline is four years from now, but the city is holding its first and really one of the only public workshops on this project at four PM tomorrow at Albert Einstein college of medicine in Morris park, while four years sounds like a longtime away it's nothing in infrastructure years. So this workshop is where the public can weigh in on what services they would need along with the new stations scraped to have new stations. But there's a lot of potential impact in the area real estate values parking. I recently met up with the director of city planning in the Bronx. Carol samll who explained what she'll be listening for on Tuesday. How do the streets function? How do the buses connect to the station? What kind of land uses are around it. Do we want to rezone in order to have more density for different uses different kinds of uses not to mention parks schools and the retail needs of the area? All right, whenever I hear land use rezoning, I think conflict with the local community is this one of those not in my backyard projects at the city wants but local residents are going to resist. This is one of those rare projects that seems to have community by an end finds the city and MTA on the same page. They all want this to happen and happen quickly. But like all big projects. There are complications and roadblocks and this is one. Well, it seems simple on the face of it at four stations over tracks that already exist. It is not first of all the tracks are owned by Amtrak. And while the MTA has agreed to build the stations rebuild the tracks and signals.

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