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Afternoon high of 68. Tonight's load 38 right now, Sunshine 39 degrees a 31 at news radio 1200 w O A. I Well. The Senate is in no rush to consider the article of impeachment against President Trump. Despite pressure from president elect Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says there's no chance of affair. Serious trial before President Trump Leaves office. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is against holding a trial of a former president telling Fox's Hannity that's enough unconfident Tuchel attack on the presidency. It will divide the country. It will incite violence. President Biden says he hopes Senate leadership will find a way to deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other URGENT business of the nation. Some 20,000 National Guard troops are amassing in the nation's capital after last week's Bryant and in advance of the presidential inauguration. Major points of interest here in Washington, D C, including the Capitol Building and the White House have been completely encircled by a multi agency security cooperative. That is right, frankly, really something to see Now This is all happening in preparation of next week's inauguration here and the nation's capital, and in theory, it's preparation to ward off any potential disruption efforts. My groups looking to spark violence here. In fact, National Guard troops have been briefed on the potential for additional I e D threats now that, of course, coming in the wake of explosive devices being found in the city last week, two pipe bombs were found last Wednesday, one in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters, the other in front of the Democratic National Committee. Investigators are still trying to find out who was responsible for them. Authorities have identified around 170 people in connection to the riots. But there are thousands to G O. The FAA says unruly airline passengers won't be getting a warning. Any passenger who disrupts our threatens a flight could be fined as much as $35,000 or possibly go to jail. The policy is in response to a string of disruptive behavior leading up to and after last week's Capitol attack, the new rules are enforced through March, 30th Republicans in the Texas Senate passed a rule change to make it virtually impossible for the Democrats to block any of their bills. It used to take the approval of 19 of the 31 members of the Texas Senate just to bring a bill up for debate. Now there, there are only 18 Republicans in the Texas Senate. They lowered the threshold. 18 Senator Bryan Hughes, author the resolution. It will not guarantee every Republican bill passes, but it will make it Easier make it harder to block legislation that has strong support. All 13 Democrats and the Texas Senate voted against the rule change. U. S Space Command headquarters is coming to San Antonio. After all, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced that the Air Force has picked the Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville is the headquarters Space Command is currently housed at Peterson Air Force Base in southern Colorado. San Antonio. It also competed with locations in Nebraska for Space Command's permanent location, which is expected to open in 2026 Girl from Del Rio may have deliberately exposed to San Antonio concert audience to coronavirus. Val Verde County Judge Louis Owens took to Facebook to single out the teen who attended the Cody Johnson concert at Cowboys dancehall last weekend. Pictures of attending.

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