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An interesting project might pitch deep project to understand more about the world basically it and to leave my small fishing village to come here of course had my interest was connected to other things as wellens was connected to my neighbor in my small village gunayev firing at the time who is of course that was the mediator of the night sixty seven at war between the israel in an area the first international diplomat trying to resolve the conflict post naunton sixty seven he was the one who made made minted in in this conflict from the beginning and so yes a returning to a question what is hamas my main interest was too when researching this and and the writing this book was too see if there is anything more than violence to because this has been one of the main arguments at least the ten years ago is to something more than violence in in in that case what in other words the main argument ten years ago is that hamas is a simple terror movement and that's it and you're saying what else is behind at specially because at this point from us has been governing defacto in gaza for over ten years so what have you found was around gummer time the thomas became a political movement a fullfledged political movement yes so the interesting question is of course what is it more to more than violence to hamas nd and uh perhaps is it different things like is there any democracy inside saitama we of course on the outside believed that it's and islamic movement how islamic is it really and these kind of questions interested me and how would you define for the purposes of your endeavor political islam in its palestinian form which is hamas is essentially what it is won't what is political asylum well political slum of course in its broadest sense is at the belief that islam should be a part of both the social end the political sphere.

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