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Your favorite local supermarkets are right. Let's see if there's some hiccups ruining your routine on the roads. 12 53. There we go. Here comes Kevin to the rescue. The super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes go to it. All right. Lower. You have been dealing with some widespread rain light rain and areas of dense fog. See, gonna wanna use a little extra caution. Keep those feeds down. Especially these on and off ramps right now. South of town that expressway south bound Still a pretty decent ride coming down through Savin hill on your way down to that Braintree split north bound so little busy here coming up through east Milton Square. Maybe that zipper truck working its way up right now. Roots 3 24 95 all in pretty good shape. Down and er meth Route six, West found. Looks like we got about a mile back up here to the workers after Union Street, and that's that new exit 75 down there on Route six. Mass Pike. You've got a trouble free ride for the most part again. Wet roadways over from Boston out through 4 95 and 2 90 shouldn't have much trouble over and Chelsea line painting cruises traffic down the one lane in each direction here at the base of the Tobin Bridge on the Chelsea side. Downtown Boston, Though you're looking pretty good along the river roads and through the airport tunnels, this report sponsored by his equal, pure Z's. You have to be up in five hours, two hours and you haven't slept vics equal. Pure. Zis is a drug free blend of botanicals with an optimal tosa melatonin that helps him fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day grogginess is equal, pure Z's naturally superior sleep. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Kevin. Thank you right to the weather. Here's dean of war inland spots in a few snow and rain showers. The rest of the day closer to the city and south coast in the Cape, I think dryer.

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