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Is changed except their commitment to their community visit van metre homes dot com slash curbside I'm Joe Conway WTOP traffic and now your storm team four forty four K. chance with Matt returned in sandy just enough clearing in the clouds that some of our southern listening area will get into the low sixties this afternoon already in the low sixties along the I. sixty four corridor so it's like Culpeper county southern **** your county into Stafford county and Fredericksburg area to get into the low sixties this afternoon everyone else is going to stay in the mid to upper fifties for highs today the atmosphere is just too stable but to get rid of this low level cool air in the meanwhile underneath your center of the low pressure system that brought us all the rain last night early this morning well that's moving out of West Virginia some showers and thunderstorms developing out that way moving over the I. eighty one corridor and that little batch of showers and isolated thunderstorms will be moving over our area a little closer to the six o'clock hour and probably slowly drift from west to east between about six and nine o'clock in the showers will come to an end overnight tonight some patchy fog will form could be locally dense and such especially some of the northwest suburbs those will be in the mid forties to near fifty it will be mostly cloudy tomorrow morning that around mid day will start get some gradual clearing I will be a breezy day highs will be in the upper fifties to low sixties clouds come right back in on Tuesday I will be in the low to mid sixties and rain will be arriving on Wednesday but at least it'll be warmer highs be the upper sixties to low seventies fifty four degrees right now in Fairfax fifty three and only and it's fifty six in northwest Washington okay man it's three fifty now to the latest on the corona virus pandemic over two point nine million people around the world have contracted the virus over two hundred thousand of died according to Johns Hopkins the U. S. has more than nine hundred forty thousand cases and more than fifty four thousand deaths Maryland showed fewer hospitalizations on Saturday the governor Larry Hogan tells ABC's this week that it was the worst day yet in Maryland for covert nineteen deaths well we have some encouraging numbers on hospitalizations and I see.

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