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It down because Lorenzo Cain. Even though he hit a reverse spin on that he was fully prepared to fire back in a second. Because that's what teams in the postseason. Do. They try to take that extra base of. You've got a guy. Like, Chris Taylor. You're calculating all these things in your mind before plays happen. You're seeing balls in the gap. You're seeing deep balls and preparing yourself to prevent that runner from taking an extra base now. Austin Barnes getting another stock behind the plate heating in the eight spot. What odd one out four one Milwaukee? Top of the second here at Miller park and pitch reminded MRs down wall one Ron doll. Of course, struggled mightily defensively in a game one and then to somewhat of a lesser extent. But still struggle the gate three. So this is the fourth start of the series the third in succession for bonds a good defensive catcher. But again, Dave Roberts likes the quality of the Evatt. So it's day to day. I guess, but it's been Barnes. Three in a row is the one swing at a big cut their one and one. And I think in order for granddaughter get back in the lineup as a starter behind the dish bars is going to have some really strong. I mean, he's going to have to have bad at bats where you feel like aids great what he's doing behind the plate. But if we need some run production going to have to try to throw a grand all back in there. But as it stands, I think Barnes, you know, he is the guy as long as he can just be solid on both sides of the ball and the dodgers keep winning. They're good to go throw to first back in easily is Taylor. If there is a game seven tomorrow night. It'll be interesting because they've all goes, according to Milan, Italy Yuldashev seen on the mound for Milwaukee a right entered a switch hitter and a much better hitter for the left side of the plane. So tonight, probably an easier decision with a lefty on the mound, Jamal, maybe a little bit more complicated. Here's one and Barnes fouls. It straight back into what what how about this narrative. Okay. We've seen how friend all his struggle with false theater down. AB slightly in the dirt throws the become into the outfield. How would it look on Dave Roberts? If he starts grandma game seven and they lose the game somewhat to pass ball played balls behind. I mean that would be a tough one to wear with media. One shoes swing at Bardstown on strikes to down. Background doll has been kind of chilly at the plate. It's not like it's an automatic to say, hey, you know, what he's gonna drive in more than what he's gonna let in. Two down here after the strike out of by by his second on the night. Finally had to throw twenty five minutes in the I should make us throw thirteen thus far here in the second. The brewers are up four to one. And here's got you to review the pitcher for the dodgers who takes a fastball for his drive for us a right handed batter. Unusual situation for a left handed thrower, but he can swing the battle little bit. He went seven for twenty six to sixty nine average this year as the Awad and MRs just slow. The strike which pitcher was it who had the on-base percentage that was higher at any season Clayton Kershaw Kershaw. He's three forty on base this year. And I looked up the other guy you saw me. Look, I I tend snooping on the one one and there's a swing and a lighter at a right field. That's a base hit.

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