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Number one hit music station Wake up people one. Oh 75 K c l alright time for the weekly rap recap with intern Squid Ward, where he recaps the week on the show pop culture things in the news. All and one rap. Are you ready? I am ready. Here we go, Mr. Weekly Wrapped recap. We're interns. Squid word. Why? Recap? What happened in the world this week? Girls, our personal lives. You could follow me on instagram at T R. Y s a N c O l l a lot. You don't know what's going on my weekly robbery cap? Yeah, thanks. Weeks been While this week's been crazy. Jared saw a scary movie crying like a baby and he keeps a journal writing in it, like a lady's about went broke when I ate lunch with Katie, But I got money, So we good, so we gravy campaign turn to sex. To a billion men. That's crazy. Tiger was going 45 in the 80 shack, paying off a man's ring for engagement. Jerry Kennedy envious. We got higher ratings spirit was balling every day. I know that they are hating Jerry's brother, part of dog, and he got scam against through Piti de runs in the family Lost. Really? Really? Yeah, this week's been crazy, but I still been fine. Katie talk sports. It's about damn time, even if it's on the coast, Carmelo's drinking wine. Y'all got vaccinated and we all feel fine. Except for Josie's, though she's dramatic every time you do it in my spare time..

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