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There complaining about a stolen election. Right question number two. How did Tim Walberg vote on the secret ballot regarding lose Cheney's leadership? Mm e. Don't know if you'll reveal that it's a secret ballot. Well, but but I mean, his vote for president was a secret ballot, but we could ask him about that. He certainly reveal it. It's a public matter. I mean, it's a fair question, okay? Heard And last. Why support Marjorie Taylor Greene? I'm not sure that he did, didn't it? Wasn't he in favor of having her removed from committee? We'll follow up, though I appreciate those are good questions, though, and I appreciate it. We we weigh love when our listeners get involved in. Obviously Chuck is he's listening carefully and want some questions asked, And I think that Z great. That's part of our audience, which is so so smart, Okay? Okay, We're going to continue in a moment here on the Frank Beckmann show. Right now We want to check traffic and weather first. And here's Dana Clark. This report is sponsored By Russell Stover Candies. Valentine's Day is around the corner. Have you picked up that heart shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates she's expecting? It's not too late Penn to your local candy aisle today and make happy this Valentine's Day. With Russell Stover. 75 South bound itself. Field Road accident is blocking that left shoulder. Also an accident just reported along 75 South bound it seven mile It's blocking that right side now. Wjr weather first from the Weather Channel, sponsored by Window World Call Window World. 1 800 next window for your window door, Citing project take.

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