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Nonlife threatening injuries. Police are still trying to identify the suspect who fled on a bicycle. Apparently there's bad blood there. I guess Donald Trump. According to this article in The New York Times, is losing his touch. And so is His longtime collaborator in the entertainment industry. Mark Burnett, You did you catch Steve Harvey's Thunderdome on NBC, ABC. How about world's best on CBS? The contender on Epix, or world's toughest race ICO Challenge on Amazon, Amazon Prime or the Christian themed dramas? A D. The Bible continues on NBC or Messiah on Netflix? No, didn't you didn't catch any of those other? Well, you're not alone. The man behind those string of flops is Mark Burnett. The legendary TV producer who shake Donald Trump's image from the Apprentice through his 2016 campaign and like his greatest creation, Mr Trump, who sought and then lost an idiotic television ratings war on Thursday when Joe Biden Mr Burnett seems to be struggling to keep his grip. On the cultural moment as well. And there's a whole story here in The New York Times about how He has gone from being a, you know, Producer where everything he touched by an angel. He's married A Roma Downey. He was gonna have a whole Studio dedicated to Christian movies. That's never gone anywhere. But there is the thought that he will keep his Keep himself attached to Donald Trump. And when Donald Trump is no longer president. Which Hopefully a soon He will develop projects with Donald Trump. White House Apprentice. Well, yeah, or there's a talk here in this article to about Donald Trump's 24 Hour news. Trump television s. So we'll see how that goes. It's boner fight.

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