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I'm Jan rider leads team LeBron's ninety seven or early in the third quarter in the NBA all star game in Charlotte. It's available on ESPN radio. Janas not good was twenty points at ten of twelve Judy. We'd all spores Kevin Durant with thirteen points. Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona five hundred for the second time in the last four years. I'll Bush was the runner up number of Rexona race, including a twenty one car pile up with nine laps to go as call news. Milwaukee has resigned basement. Mike Mushtaq is a one year deal worth ten million dollars in gob, Jamie homes, rallied from eight four shot Jefferson. Final round to win the Genesis open arms at fourteen under finishes one shot ahead of Justin Thomas, a long winning streak in the NHL one second ago, you can bring out the Zamboni admit a soda Saint Louis blues have shut off the wild four to nothing. They've shut up their opposition for three straight games and in doing so. Have won ten consecutive games. Tying a franchise record that goes back to January of two thousand and two. With the final. Call blue is making ten straight four nothing victory over the wild. Vladimir Tarasenko a goal and two assists in and win penguins gave past the Rangers six to five Guinea Malkin two goals for the second straight game. Flyers down the Red Wings three to one the Panthers. Just knocked out the Canadian six to three Alexander Barca a hat trick. And in that sense for Florida capitals ever one nothing lead on the ducks in the first period. Alexander Ovechkin league-leading fortieth told. Join us Monday. We'll break down the NBA all star weekend with not berry and L Dunkin. That's Monday on the Dan Le Batard show with these two guys on ESPN radio. Welcome to the sporting life with Jeremy shop. Over the next hour race favourite. Brad Keselowski lays out his plan to win. This weekend's Daytona five hundred everything has to come together. Just perfectly for Wednesday Daytona five hundred for us that hasn't happened yet. But I'm confident if we just kind of stay the course and try to do everything we can to run up front blacks and went that it will then sixties executive producer. Andy Tennant describes the principles that guide ESPN's award winning morning show thirty for thirty came along. They were telling stories longer than anybody else at ESPN. And you know, the response was overwhelming. And we started to look at ourselves as storytellers and say, you know, maybe we don't have this, right? Maybe shorter is better. Maybe longer is better plus an outside the lines future pays tribute to the life of Frank Robinson. The first African American manager in major league baseball history expectations. Lonzo happy people because they would write five wrong. Wrong. Bad because. That didn't bother me. This is the sporting life on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Here's Jeremy shop. Welcome to another district is sporting line this past Monday Thailand, freed team, Allah, writing a rainy soccer play who'd been detained for.

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