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R. tonight with Joe concha six till nine weeknights on seven ten W. I heart radio station is fifty nine degrees at eleven o'clock in the morning Joel Bartlett a large demonstration by climate change protesters blocking traffic in Times Square at the moment it's forced the closure of multiple intersections including Seventh Avenue and forty fourth street and Broadway and forty six keep you posted on that to Florida businessmen who help Rudy guiliani investigate Joe Biden in Ukraine have been arrested he groped Fuhrman and live harness are facing campaign finance charges will be in federal court in Virginia later today NBC investigative reporter Tom winter says they also donated to president trump's super PAC most of these men organized a scheme to be able to move donations from a foreigner into that packet on top of that a sitting congressman is referenced in the indictment that's all the information we have on that story the bomb it just comes as your grains president is now speaking out saying that he never felt blackmailed by president trump on that call at the center of the impeachment inquiry asked him why the new prosecutor general who so let's get told president trump is one hundred percent his manner is now reviewing the breeze my case you craning gas company that hunter Biden work for Joe Biden son president trump alleges the worst corruption there by the pines though he has no proof and and no wrongdoing has ever come out on the bidens part here in Ukraine or in the U. S. he says he wants to review all cases and all corruption cases are being looked at again because he wants to make sure they root out all types of corruption has corresponded time young as being on Turkey continues to target Kurdish fighters in northern Syria despite president trump's threat to destroy Turkey's economy without strong words from president trump I can tell you no one here is listening certainly not the Turkish army this driving strips across the border and definitely not the codes were more concerned about staying alive in protecting their homes and their families we were speaking earlier to Kurdish intelligence official and he kept asking why has it betrayed its friend in the region saying that nobody in the Middle East would not believe America's word minutes correspondent empanel Cuba Gooding junior goes to court today in Manhattan his trial on groping charges will begin Cuba Gooding junior is accused of grabbing a woman's breast and squeezing it at a rooftop bar near Times Square in June he turned himself in several days after the incident when police said they had security camera footage that appeared to back up the NYU students claim the trial was postponed in September after prosecutors said they were waiting for evidence it begins today Gooding is charged with sexual abuse and forcible touching in the third degree with a maximum penalty of a year behind bars Alice stacked in rows sini W. O. R. news over and lift drivers protesting in Long Island City this morning calling for a driver's bill of rights they say it would limit fees and offer worker protection it would also allow drivers to earn more money through advertising at least two gunmen around the loose after the shooting that left a nineteen year old dead in queens neighbors in floral park say they watched as cops tried to revive nineteen year old Jay Patel his body dumped on two hundred sixty eight street in the middle of the afternoon twenty to sixty off so I didn't want to get close it said because I have a son and I can't imagine what a payment would go through the tell died a short time later police have surveillance video of a red Toyota.

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