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You mean that's a clear well it's clearly a golfer's so I'm gonna say an athlete that is a music musician you may matter very good about sponsor bonds sponsor the guy with the high school with him I'm gonna say he's a musician who Bonser was a pitcher for Major League Baseball and so your for two so well well let's let's try another one how about urban shocker the urban shocker yes while her so many ways to go with the joke there I'm gonna see that's musicians urban shocker was a picture for the Saint Louis bread let's see how much of my helmet to give you one that I think you're going to get Max Roach drummer for the east street band well well done all right it was Max Weinberg no Maxwell Max Roach is a drummer he is a drummer yeah maybe that's one I got a good drummer drugs is a drummer and I am not conversant on the street the next one all right Kalli let's see how you do with Jim Dickey Simpkins Dickey was a sports that is correct very good he was a little my hello I'm coming to chew with this one oh akak sports player that is correct what do we know about people kako Ellie played hockey yes the no he was a baseball player for the Chicago Cubs first baseman but more significant he was Pete Lecoq junior who his father the **** senior changed his name what became a famous game show host in the nineteen Monty hall seventies I think you know this it's yes would be turned back no but it while he was Canadian home so how about Peter Marshall most of the Hollywood squares his son Pete junior played for the the card Yunior also really don't well there okay don't go there the last time the last home given up by Bob Gibson is that right he hit the Bob Gibson's final appearance let's talk in a grand slam home run Hey he's John Hancock Michael Kelly wants to play my good fortune on filling your stupid game will be with the next week we're gonna be here Wednesday Thursday and Friday for.

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