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Not let any air and there nothing, you know, those have been used and experimented in written about studied. Because the world works for the foundation or the crawlspaces. Yeah. So they say, but the reality is when you and I talk about encapsulating across bass. What's our last thing to do years? Through it. Yeah. But return and supplier in it and treat it like condition space definitely wouldn't want to deal with an attic. Yeah. Yeah. So can you have what we call you know, that hot roof where it is not ventilated. There is no attic space that you allow natural air to move through. But it insulated. That's the key. If you could shut off totally eliminate heat going to cold and the effects of any moisture resulted from that got to do both, then you can have totally sealed roof and get away with it. You know, it would survive the materials would not degrade over time. The risk is that you have some air movement and some moisture movement and moisture gets trapped in that sealed space because now you got a problem. And that's where you, and I always tell people because you mentioned that the couple that don't open the windows. There are people out there that have not looked in new cross base or not stuck their head up in their addict. And. Decades. And that is also a sin you need to take a look of there because you don't know what's going on. And here's one of the reasons why we'll shift gears a little bit here, buddy. Squirrels critters world you name it. They live up there. And a lot of people don't realize they see a Mark on the ceiling, and they go, oh, I have a leak they call a rough route and go man that that's not a leak that's feces. There's been a squirrel or raccoon live and other people don't realize it be oh beehives. We've heard stories about people sitting hours and a giant beehive falling on their lap while they're sitting down. Yes. Those are all restall. They are you know. So even if you have to pay somebody to check those spaces at once a year, do it if it's one hundred bucks, it is well worth it. You know? Yeah. Just ask, you know. What was once a month? Doing inspections is something that they do. It's what they do. I mean, that's what they're looking to see if those fans are not properly vented now, they're up there. Huge. They'll look to see if you've got air gap. So that filtration you were talking about. So a lot of airs indication a lot of areas being. In moving from your condition space below it is so worth it have somebody. That knows what they're looking for get in that space once a year. Yeah. And then, you know, also for for son who has a mom and dad living by themselves. Make sure you think of them to when when you concern this kind of stuff because they own houses to now when it comes to critters, Chuck what kind of critters have we seen inside of houses over the years. We have seen possums we've seen raccoons. We've we've seen rats we've seen when I say seeing we've heard of spider on snakes you name it. They all get in there and the Ogden their home. How about bats bats two biggest you know, we're gonna talk about that. How you can avoid kind of all comes together with the air sealing stuff as well. We'll talk about how you can avoid and some of those craters because absolutely. I'm gonna tell you right now. My wife rather pay twelve hundred thousand dollar Bill a month for heat rather than having critter. So if if the consequences are there, if I do this, I'm like, a death and forget it. We'll just pay a big Bill and make sure all the animals aren't in there. Hey, we're gonna make this next segment the inside outside guys brought to you by ace kitchen, bath and flooring. They got some great products. They just moved into Trenton right next to the secretary of state aid, great location. I do check out their new showroom. New showroom of ace kitchen. Hi, I'm Adam as kitchen bathroom flooring. Are you looking to have that new hardwood tile.

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