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1108 Michael Anson Traffic and whether every ten minutes on the 8th to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center all right traveling on the beltway in Virginia right now they've got the work set up on the Internet between Arlington boulevard and I 66 eventually down to one single length left his work zone and now the ramps to east and westbound 66 are also closed as part of that work you follow the post at detour which essentially takes you up to route 7 to work your way back toward 66 east and west to plan ahead for that Also scheduled to set up eastbound 66 on the ramp to the inner loop of the bellway that ramp will be closed you'll also have to follow post a detour once that is in place as well Elsewhere in Virginia pretty quiet on both I 95 and I three 95 no early issues report along the George Washington Parkway and other direction out in Sterling the crash it was Norfolk on north Sterling boulevard at east beach road that was cleared as the roadway travel angelines reopened on both sides of Sterling boulevard Now if you're traveling in Maryland that way through Montgomery and prince George's counties for now without issue a good trip on two 70 north and south between the beltway and Frederick a boulder Washington Parkway north found issue approached the exit for I one 95 BWI thurgood Marshall airport single file left task to work some brief tap to break southbound south of the Parkway looks good headed down toward the capitol bearing an I 95 continues to run well between the two ballboys no incidents in your way so far over on the bay bridge and on the nice Middleton bridge in southern Maryland both remain underwent warnings but there are no vehicle restrictions at this time Rich hunter WTI traffic Rich thank you Now the four day forecast from storm team four meteorologist Madrid It'll stay Wendy tonight but it's not going to be as windy as it was earlier during the day Luckily the strong winds dried out a lot of surfaces.

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