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Try batman. Let's try marv in new york. I need i need. I also need to know that the reds are still in existence. Five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty and eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six and if you can confirm their existence what do you make it a strategy of maybe the cubs and cardinals and brewers think we know the pirates are gonna stink launch to rebuild last year. But it feels like they're just gonna hey. Somebody's got to win the central. Maybe it'll be us. Jason you're on. Espn fifteen thirty. Our you know. I don't what's going on. Hey you know when you were talking about going through the reds stadium. Insure you know. You can't say you can't do that. Bring them back jason. Please please. don't get me fired. We went and toward yes and it was empty. Okay so the ballpark. You went to the ballpark and it was empty. Was there anybody working. I didn't see anybody. We had our we. We we just fucking boxer. Sorry that's how we're starting to show where dump a guy twice it is that that's that's where we're going to start to show with that. Tearing really. I'm always told to take more. Phone calls mo take more phone calls. Well there you go our second show of two thousand our third show of two second show. I wasn't here tuesday. Thirty second show of two thousand and twenty one. that's what are we doing. maybe runs. I don't know did. Did he convert. We had to drop the guy did he. Did he. Tour great american ballpark legally. Or was he touring people. Like folks for touring the capitol building. Yesterday I merged sports in the real world stuff okay. Let's see if we can do better days ronnie and minneapolis. How are you. I'm good no. Hey thanks for taking my call. That's my job. Listen I'd like your comedy about these washington thing. I was actually kind of fitting that your show that considering using going on star twenty twenty one right now. It's not a whole lot of fun. No but Going back to your comment there about what's going on with the reg. I okay so i look at the rise right now and you can make said something about. How are we supposed to get excited about their edition of the the art. Warren moon takes to uc has six big league games under his belt. Five and a third innings with good news. He has yet to give up ron. He is currently the record holder for lowest era in the history of major league baseball and the reds got him. Well there you go and and the thing is to like you can make argument. This team is looking worse. Because we don't even know if they have. Trevor bauer and if they do get trevor bauer. You're going to kind of be like in a situation like singles fan where you're pleading with the office. Like you have the good joe burrow or you have three quality starting pitchers you got lewis kathy o. Pitching pennies and seventy gray on a cheap contract. You gotta build around this thing. Because i'm telling you like with you don't just get three a level pitchers in your pocket every day. We just supposed to expect. Jesse winker is gonna hit hit last year. Like where's the improve on this roster and the shortstop issue with the lack of a hitting shortstop. I feel like has been there since barry larkin like could be. He left the team. So thanks for taking my call. I hear the frustration. And i i shared what i would i would say. Part of that is jesse. Winker was unbelievable in august. He was horrific in september. Like if we're going to rally got jesse winker et jesse winker was good for like four weeks and granted. Four weeks is like half the season last year but the last four or five weeks. September and october of last season it would only be september because regular season ended in september. Jesse winker hit one. Oh four base thirty percent of the time but yeah the the overriding point is one. That i agree with i. I'm gonna be patted on the head. I it hey mall. It's there's a lot of time left in the offseason. Yes and hey you know. There's there's some there's a lot of guys out there that they can go inside now right or there's moves that can still be made to make the now like everybody else. Wait you jump on board. Now go do it now. Go do it now instead. Just hope the cubs and cardinals and brewers not that. Good all i can tell you that ninety nine nine. It was shirts ninety nine. I count right ninety nine days since the reds walked off the field in atlanta over that time. They've done nothing to make the team better. Nothing to make the team better it. Maybe it's not their fault that trevor bowers Going to go somewhere else. Maybe they're making a concerted effort to keep them. Maybe and trust me. If there's one thing baseball owners have have accomplished this century. It's convincing people. That saving money is is is important and something that fans had rally around. And so i know i'm going to be told that while they didn't sell any tickets last year. And so you gotta give them a break. Things are tough financially and get it. The baseball team is currently constructed. Now on paper is not as good as the one they had last year and the team they had last year for seven weeks was not good at all so. I don't know how you get excited about that. I don't know how you get excited about that. And i don't have a lot of faith. And i don't think you do either in the strategy of simply let's just hope everybody else thinks three thirty. We'll get to jacob kenny. You think the the first guy that called in still celebrating new years or something five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty. What was what was he like when you when he called in and said taryn. I want to talk to mow what. What was that conversation like. He told me he took a tour around. Jp with pregnant wife so from you know when you have when you pregnant wife is a dd. Man was taken advantage. Travis steel after last night xavier win and your phone calls next update's a service of kelsey chevrolet home of lifetime powertrain protection and guaranteed credit approval from their family to yours for life. Kelsey shove dot com. There's not a human being alive who doesn't like this song by the way tonight. You see we'll take on. Smu or somebody on tv called him two years ago smooth seven pm tip off first back to back. Row games for the bearcats. Were trying to win for the first time in six games. Uc's last win. Came against furman almost a month ago since then a bunch of close losses sandwiched around the blowout loss to uga or georgia. Seven o'clock tonight on seven hundred. W l w will get into the bearcats with our buddy chad brenner. Bearcat journal dot com in just a couple of minutes. Also tonight. Indiana battles number eight wisconsin and marvin lewis has interviewed with the new york jets. I think to be their head coach. I know to their head coach. That according to the new york jets. I liked this era of teams wrapping up interviews with candidates and then tweeting out. Hey we just interviewed. Marvin lewis now. We know marvin the jets. I think it's kind of interesting more on that coming up here in just a bit. Meanwhile the xavier musketeers. Speaking of losing streaks gone off the the schneide.

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