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Our guest this weekend had very busy two thousand eighteen he was the voice of Peter Parker in the animated hits Spiderman into the spider verse starred in the film, tag and wrapped up to seventh and final season as Nick Miller and FOX's new girl here on finds out more on Jake and its path to stardom when did you move here. I moved here two thousand four I was working at the Hollywood park. Esino? I was a caterer. How did you get your big break? I don't want to hear about the waiting tables story. Again, I booked a commercial which one. I did a bunch of them. The first one was a pop up ad. I did for SBC. And then I did a Tampax commercial where I represented the before guy in an upgrade spot. Here's the commercial. There's a woman in a pink room. The door opens its may there's a bucket of chicken in my hand. And I say chicken. Then you hear? And then there's a honk in a suit with a bottle of wine, and he goes wine, and then it goes now, that's an upgrade. And it's fine. It's time to upgrade to a different type of tampon. So that's the big break. Everybody. I did commercials for a while. And then my big break was meeting. Liz, Mary weather. I did a indie movie called ceremony directed by max Winkler and laze Mary weather who created new girl was editing or during a punch up with max for a script while max was editing that movie she saw my staff she and I got to know each other. And then she put me in no strings attached. And then from that, she put me new girl coming.

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