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The federal aviation administration ordered u._s. carriers to stay away from the area president trump ordered u._s. strikes on iranian targets in retaliation for the spy drone shootdown but called it off last night officials feared the likelihood of civilian casualties the plan and reversal first reported by the new york times top congressional leaders got a briefing on the shoot down at the white house senate minority leader charles schumer says he worries the trump administration will bumble its way into a war one of the best ways to avoid bumbling into war a war that nobody wants to have a robust open debate and for congress to have a real say we learned that lesson in the runner up to iraq a deadly industrial disaster in indonesia officials say at least thirty people were killed in a fire that swept through a house in north sumatra that doubled as a match factory among the dead three children police misconduct in tampa hillsborough county florida prosecutors moving to overturn the convictions of seventeen individuals convicted on the Testimony with no corroborating evidence of three recently fired Tampa cops fire danger. Spurring apple the recall certain laptop computers. Apple, issuing a voluntary recall of a limited number of older generation fifteen inch macbook pro units, saying the battery may get too hot and pose a safety risk units were sold primarily between September twenty fifteen and February twenty seventeen. The recall does not affect any other fifteen inch macbook pro units or other MAC notebooks. Apples asking owners to stop using the laptops, and contact apple support on how to replace the battery free of charge. ABC's Chuck Sivertsen. You're listening to ABC news. It.

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