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We know he's an authoritarian and yet people like land Democrats in the state they still like him. Did they like him just because he stood up to trump and therefore he can do no wrong in their eyes. Well, then we'll have the Oh, that one. But I do think part of it is yes. The juxtaposition of Trump during the you know, lockdowns and everything. And what was also obviously a facade of Cuomo. It was It was literally theater, which you got an Emmy for, but he was completely wrong on so many things. And you know, he has this authoritarian disposition that maybe people like when they're when they're still afraid of the virus. You know, we we basically are reaching her immunity. Most people have Either receive the vaccination have antibodies. It's a very different time. And yet we're still kind of reacting like it was six months ago or 12 months ago, so the playbook hasn't changed a lot in New York. I mean, incrementally. He's Changing E. I was I was in a restaurant the other night actually bar and we had to have we still had to order food. It was like five o'clock. Nobody was hungry. We were meeting for a quick drink in the city, and we still had to order food because it's almost stupid dictates. Mean, those are the things that makes zero sense And yet they're still on the books. Well, just so since I didn't get a chance to answer for some reason, Rob Michael is, um, listen to what I say. I've said on several occasions and so I just want you to know that I don't think warm ocean run for 1/4 term, but he never hears that all he and his, you know, mind. I love coma. Well, I never said that I so much of the investigations play out and I think enough stuff has happened And I think there should be term limits. I think three terms were enough. I've said that over and over. One more should be impeached and he should be forced to resign. That's what should happen, but that's not gonna happen. Do you think he should be impeached? But how many times Well, let me ask you this because I forget When did you did you call for? You definitely called for the impeachment of Trump twice, right? I don't think I did. I thought it was a mistake. Hey, Robin Wright of time, But I think you're wrong. You know you and you and Michael and you got that's what you guys on the right to You Just make assumptions and make stuff up. No, I didn't call for any impeachment. I thought it was a mistake. And I don't think we should run again. But anyway, have a nice day. Rob. Always great talking to you won't answer your Robbie won't Have you already wrote in Brazil and no always thank you. That might be a favorite of bustle there something that's gonna be his campaign slogan..

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