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Dot com slash snapshot of that doesn't even in key and encapsulate the whole sports weekend because clearly the biggest story i thought outside of the nfl of this weekend is the russell westbrook contract i don't know about you and i don't know if there was an inkling of this friday morning i wasn't hero didn't see that one coming and a couple of different thoughts i mean norm is credit to san presi the gm of the thunder they are hanging on whatever it is really are they're doing everything they can possibly do he turned four nondescript players it's a paul george and carmelo anthony and and maybe that had something to do with it may be a didn't but one way or another russell westbrook this decided this is where i'm going to stay two hundred million dollars later obvious he had a lot of reasons to do it an as the richest contract in nba history and he is locked in the deadline for this was october sixteen so you know there's still a little bit of ways away so nobody saw this friday gets he was just waiting for kevin durant spurt at that's right is there any way i that was a crew isn't it who knows anymore you know you put on the ten foil cap and you look at the conspiracy theory who knows but you know as as we've been told by our basketball people to be very unlikely to have the team they have the stars they have this year again next year above what it would do to their salary in the luxury tax and all that but looks like you're going to have westbrook i wouldn't be shocked if the other two and paul george and carmelo anthony won't be around for that one but russell westbrook i tell you he is he's ease their for the duration easy and the way press the is working is magic we'll see that will they ever at this point does it look like they're going to compete with the top it's tough to think i don't think there anybody who believes i do believe they worked up themselves to the second in the conflict the chance to the.

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