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Sports, leader hazy Kelly gain ready to set it. Faced the Cincinnati Reds here. In Cincinnati Billy Hamilton Jose? Peraza, scooter Jeanette for the reds in the, bottom. Of the first It is Kelly takes the mound, his, father Pat for the first time since. Two thousand, twelve gets to watch his son pitched in the big leagues. Pat is the interim bench coach for the Cincinnati Reds speedy Billy Hamilton in the box switch hitter against the right hander and Kelly delivers fastball that MRs outside and Kelly has been splendid. In relief for the. Giants are one four two ERA in. A couple of appearances of course the big. One was the five scoreless innings against the pirates next pitches. Foul back an account, evens to, Hamilton and a ball and a strike Hamilton hitting at two. Thirty six on base at three zero five clip you don't want him on bass Swipe twenty nine bags here's a one one from Kelly shorts the bunt does Hamilton and he pulls back in time Was the pitches inside the counts two and one Kelly works. Quickly he was a former shortstop was Casey Kelly when he was drafted by the Boston Red Sox back, in two, thousand and eight to one, pitch fastball fly ball left field line peeling foul and it's out. Of play an account evens at two. And two and of course Kelly a terrific athlete he was a. Quarterback in a great high school quarterback, in Sarasota Florida To to pitch to Billy Hamilton drive. Over the glove of panic and into right field for a base hip Panik made a leak in the ball almost looked like at grays the very top of the glove The reds, have their speedster. Aboard here in the first here's the defensive alignments sponsored by the Dolan law firm personal injury division let's meet the infield longoria Crawford panic and belts. Around the infield Hanson Duggar and mccutchen. From left to right Duggar. And center mccutchen in right field BUSTER Posey behind. The plate now the game is on here Hamilton Long known as the if not the one of the very fastest players in baseball away from I and Kelly whips a throw over and he dives back in In talking to the giants most notably met her Kurt young Kelly good at controlling the running game and that's where the shortstop in quarterback in Comes, to play good hands. Good feet Hamilton not a big league Kelly from stretch to the plate, not running and Peraza it's a pop up, in a shallow right mccutchen comes. In these there and he makes the catch And that's one way to keep Hamilton at first and that's forcing. Early swaying in early pop up Kelly's got, an, out of here comes scooter Jeanette Janette having just an. An outstanding year for the reds and. Of course this was a guy that the Milwaukee Brewers essentially gave, up on they waived him beginning of last year. The reds claims in the end and outstanding, year And of course you. Got to Sarasota guys facing each other here Kelly The Ginette Hamilton running in the. First pitches outside and it's one no Ginette all-star. Type numbers as well three or, five average eighteen homers driven in seventy he's on base at three fifty six clip any slugging a whopping four eighty to. Hamilton from I Kelly ready and another quick throw in that was closer he's back in with a. Dive Hamilton has had some issues in head for sliding especially with that left wrist he's wearing what from a distance. Looks like a giant oven mitt On his left hand Takes his lead Kelly ready Ginette waiting on a one zero pitch another throw. Over that's. Close got, him he's outs fell, with the tag Casey Kelly picks off Billy Hamilton Well how about that for a? Scouting report from the giants coaches The key on that and you, see it more often now especially with instant replay in the game a lot of pitchers rather than throw to the bag are throwing about two feet from the bag. Because, the, catching tag for the first basement can get there. Sooner Pat Kelly Casey's dad with a big smile in the reds. Dugout change up a rare changeup from Kelley swinging amiss by Jeanette. We'll, look like a promising start to the setting for the reds Would to. Out nobody on now in a one one count was scooter Jeanette Kelly, right, back to work in a one one fastball misses out fastball curveball change slider and two kinds of fastballs the four seamer which runs up the two seamer which can. Run in Dr either, side Two one, pitched, genetic, there's, a line drive in the right field that's a base it over to his left is mccutchen oh cut it off Ginette has the second hint. Of the inning for the reds he's at first for. A, Ohio soiree ends This reminder that MLB dot TV is now available. At a, lower, price forty, nine, ninety nine kitchen every. Automarket market regular season game did. A free subscription MLB bat premium blackout restrictions apply visit MLB. Dot TV take advantage of this special offer Here's soirees Two ninety six average eighty eight runs driven in that second in the National League Kelly's first pitch fastball ground ball up the middle into center field by the diving panic Douglas, quickly there and he holds Janette. At seconds And so the reds now, have three singles in the inning But if not score Preston Tucker comes to the plate The reds have lost. Four straight on this, homestand they were just swept by Not necessarily their rivals but their. Interleague rivals and Cleveland Indians Tucker stands in left handed bat He's. Getting the start in left field Kelly from. The belt takes a peek at second Lose pitch on the way and it's up and in its for one Cinetic second Suarez at first giants outfield is, straight up and not the infield panics about ten feet into right fields Crawford a, few steps from being right behind second base Belt is deep Kelly to, the plate in a high, fly ball right-center not very deep mccutchen and Duggar it's mccutchen and he makes the catch the pick off of Hamilton. Is huge in this one three hits for the reds but no runs and, Casey Kelly in front of his. Dad and a lot of family here in Cincinnati so far so good.

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