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Migrant children moved healthcare pricing i'm mike marks the government is responding to reports of children looking after other children at a dirty border detention camp with children weren't getting enough food basics like soap into paste three hundred more children wrath officially near el paso last week but corresponding clayton neville now reports that numbers down to about thirty it's unclear we're all the children have been moved congresswoman veronica escobar bill passos's around thirty kids are at the facility today a significantly lower number late last week attorneys who visited the station in clint texas just days ago said older children were seen taking care of infants and toddlers some had been detained for three weeks and at least fifteen of the children were sick with the flu pass baker nancy pelosi says the president threaten raids on immigrant families facing deportation was terrifying to family tremor a fear of that country and sunday i mean they said to me on sunday when people have faith they're going to church they don't know what they're going to be going home to drop has given pelosi congressional leaders two weeks to reach an immigration breakthrough or he will reorder the raids trope is ordering up front pricing information in healthcare which he says will drive down healthcare costs this is a truly big action people have no idea how big it is some people say bigger that healthcare itself this is something that's going to be very important jurors have convicted former university of illinois doctoral student brent christianson in the brutal murder of a visiting scholar from china she was -ducted at a bus stop as she was heading to sign an off campus apartment lease christianson could be sentenced to the death penalty by the jury on wall street the dow up eleven points the s._n._p..

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