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I've find national anthem performances, stirring emotional, a reminder of my my country and what it means to me, Okay? But I don't know that I need to hear it all the time. It's become now I also think that you're a reasonable argument could be made for playing it before some of these major events, Okay. I mean, it's not as though I won't take a meeting on it, but I'm just saying, it's kind of like, Oh, yeah, national anthem I get on the most people and if you're honest You know you're standing there and you're kind of going, okay? Hey, it's the reason that people start cheering as they haven't even finished the anthem and people are cheering at Giants Stadium at when the Niners play, it doesn't matter. And all around America. Don't wait to the very last note to cheer. They cheer because they want to put their hat back on and sit back down. Now again, the angry mob can begin to form. I'll tell you something. I think I mentioned it to you once before. My body is on a military base here in the states and we've had this conversation before, And he said Mark Nobody on the basis that you've got to stop what you're doing. Put down your stuff and like salute. He said. It just always what he said to me is, he said. I just don't go outside. He said. I just anything I'm not alone. A lot of people just don't want to have to stand there and go. You know, home On on the Rockets, red glare, the bombs bursting, you know, I mean, so it's not as though I hope you don't view it is unpatriotic. What I'm saying. I'm simply saying We could discuss this. You know what I mean? The anthem doesn't have to be played all the time. Look, Mark Cuban made that decision. Now he may have made a decision on commercial reasons for commercial reasons, You know, like it's become too controversial or whatever, you know, all of a sudden the anthems wrapped up in all this controversy. But what I would say is that No. Think about it. I don't know that we need to play it all the time. Well, one of your listeners from the 6500 No accident says Why don't you just texted Mark. I agree with Cuban. There's no reason to play the anthem before the start of any sporting event. International sporting events. Yes, by all means national anthem identifies this country. I think that's a great take. Sure, sure. Was to give you an exception to your rule. Your desire. Yeah. Thank you, Um What it's like a popular song This person says from the 20. No, Why don't you just texted It's like a popular song being played over and over Once in a while it keeps it. It keeps its value. Okay. Yeah, Yeah, right Once in a while you're glad you're hearing it, but all the time you don't So there seems to be some Some support. Um it's kind of like the pledge of allegiance to I feel like the A lot of time to just kind of do it to do it. But oh, of course, I mean the pleasure. The Pledge of Allegiance is any all these indoctrinated rituals are just that they're indoctrinated rituals like religion. Mean, how many times do you stand there in church or synagogue? Or whatever. And you're saying the words You said only in times that they at some point probably cease to have the impact that they were supposed to have. But you've learned the minutes just wrote memory. You just do it. And so you could make it. I think a decent argument against the anthem for that reason as well. At some point, you just feel like you're going through the motions. I want to hear from Cuban. I want to know what his thinking is He that's controversial. Yeah, in publicize the removal of the national anthem. It's just players and a number of team employees noticed that it wasn't played on Monday's game, so he did have a statement and they're continuing tonight against the game against the Hawks and the statement says the hope is that those who feel passionate about the anthem being played..

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