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Percent age. So I've gathered you're with us on behalf of Doritos and your Super Bowl commercial that you're doing what chance the rapper. Yes. That's exciting. Yes. We're excited this. Oh, yeah. That's why backstreet boys radio operation. Makes sense. Exactly. What's these single? They need to beat the patriots. Are you guys gonna hear this questions? Hold on. What's gonna what's the single most important thing? The Rams are gonna be patriots. Hold on. Just listen again. What's the single most important? Recording hold on one more time with shine. Again. What's the single most important fame? The to the patriots. Oh, wow. Thing that the Rams have to do to beat the puck. I got it. I got this. Okay. So let's pay. No. Well, it's more than that. I mean, obviously, everyone knows they gotta get pressure on on the quarterback. If you look at the past couple of games with the patriots. You'll notice that Tom Brady has not been touched at all. And I'm sure that this needs to be a story thread line because if Aaron Donald can can dominate wish he has the ability to and add to this defense has the opportunity to potentially pick off Tom Brady a couple of times. I mean, if you look in the secondary, you got Marcus Peters, you gotta keep to leave. You know, they have a defense that can. But that's the only way that they're going to be able to beat the patriots. He sides the other option is eating some flaming hot Doritos. It might help them actually beat the s by doing that a lot of fire it Waigel. They're run run run guys. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it. Of course, they haven't you. Rams right breakdown. Mike which get that stadium seat. Finding game tickets hard trae. But being there is so much better than not being there are replaced my regular seat with the stadium seat to try and recreate that stadium atmosphere. I appreciate the effort, but I got a better idea use vivid seats to find tickets to the game. They make finding the seats that you want quick and easy. Sounds like getting tickets at vivid seats would have been the easier option. It always is..

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