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A new story from Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Air travel such as booking tickets and getting to the airport is more stressful than going to work halidi Lieberman is the senior travel editor for the points guy and she spoke with colors come out later I just remember when I was a kid in the first few times I flew it was just really a great experience to look forward to it now can we dreaded what's going on here according to a study more than half of people felt it was more stressful to take a flight then to go to work and it's a part of it is the lack of routine people don't fly every single day most people anyway and the other thing is that there are so many moving parts that when your responsible for booking the ticket packing the bag that he said getting at the airport it's a lot of moving pieces and just one thing can add to a lot of stress and leapt upon arrival so that it doesn't have to be that it can be less stressful if you've got a little green in your wallet your study so that some people are more than willing to shell out some extra Bucks for some conveniences here definitely according to the report some people are willing to pay as much as eighty dollars to avoid a connection that people were willing to pay extra to avoid waiting for their baggage carousel to get a more comfortable fee and people will are we really willing to pay more to improve the experience and for those who haven't flown in the last couple of years they're mostly blaming that on the cost of airfares erring yeah yeah there are a lot of factors that contribute to that and we do see people just feeling turned off by the stress of travel which is why you know we really wanted to drive home with this that there are a lot of that travelers can take to make the process you know if you're with the even fun at the mention of the fun and it can be fun again so we really hope that travelers can take some of these tips in mind you know talking to area only so you don't have to wait at the carousel for feeling comfortable upgrading for a slightly better see if you can really enjoy the flight whenever possible flying out first thing in the morning so that you don't have to get chopped up I believe there are a lot of that travelers can take to make it better as all of your website at all there yeah absolutely the points guy dot com thanks so much again for joining us with this report Melanie Lieberman the senior travel editor at the points guy and that's come most time mother well here's this simply make you feel hungry a London sports stadiums breaking a Guinness world record for pancakes on pancake day Tottenham Hotspur stadium played host to a team of chefs who cooked up one thousand one hundred thirty five pancakes to set the record they were assembled into a line that was about four hundred twenty feet long the previous record was set in Sydney Australia just under three hundred sixty four feet the pancakes were donated to a London charity that tackles hunger and food waste issues the prime all on the line I'm all about breakfast and dinner now I know what I want six twenty eight at komo news I have to go to the gym and untangle my headphones while warming up on the treadmill and now finally untangle them for miles later at which point motorcycles.

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A new story from Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe

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