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Especially in a small community like us here in the riverton lander area is that I'm sure every community has got their local pros. And if this guy's using this camouflage clothing, everybody's going to want it because this guy is successful. This guy have you seen the pictures, my goodness. And the same thing with fishing. If he's holding a fish every weekend that's big, you probably want to know what he's using. What line, what real? Exactly. What electric trolling motor? Maybe it's got a better electric trolling motor. I need to upgrade mine. Yeah. And that is in smaller communities. That's really important. The bigger market is that's a whole nother world. And that's where the outdoor shows and the expos and things exposes people to that. But on a local level, it's that local guy that just is good at what he does. You want that same success. You're going to do the same thing. Or try. Try really hard. And some of those guys quite frankly are just at a different level. Oh yeah. And you don't realize that until you try it. I mean, I look at you guys like Danny was as a fisherman, Mark hill. There's a number of guys that you go with them and you're just like, wow. It's impressive what they can do. And there's some guys like that for PK, like Tim Jenny, he's their pro up in Saskatchewan. That guy catches he had the catch and release world record walleye. You know, the guy is incredible. And he caught it on a PK spoon. So then, of course, that was the big break for PK was that moment, right? That's what really just kind of blew things up for them. But man, you go fishing with that guy. He's just so good. And he's got the feel. He knows what he's doing. He's got the cadence. He just knows how to trigger those fish. So it is hard because there are lots of great learners out there. There's lots of great bow packing systems. There's lots of great seasonings, but what I like about our three sponsors is the people that make the company great. In working with them is awesome. Their products work well. So I feel good across the board because I know I'm working with good people and what they have works really well. I was telling Kevin about my Brown child today that I got on a half ounce flutter fish. It catches big fish. It's a great lure for that. I'm always going to use it in David and I are always using high mountain seasonings for Elk for fish for everything. Pigs, pigs, yeah, bacon, making buck board bacon cure. And Kevin, I know you've had

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