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Can go to my Twitter account at Britney Underscore J 10 to vote on the poll. Question of the day. Well, the Honore lawsuit backfire against Democrats. You can also go to w ork ow dot com slash Britney. I have recent columns up there that you can read and share. Also on Saturday, tomorrow 5 to 8 p.m. I have a show The Britney Jennings show. It's live here on W R. Chaos you can call in. During the break. This just came through. We're going to get some more information on it. Next break. President President he thinks he's the president. Governor Baker reduces limit on outdoor gatherings from 100 to 50 people, effective August 11. Indoor limit remains at 25 So we're definitely going to get to that later in this hour. Once I get some more information on that, obviously, his press conference is happening right now, and I'm on air, So I'm going to get to that. I'll check in on it during the break and also coming up. Ah Sudbury couple Their trump signs have been stolen and the back of their windshield has been smashed. And they are 92 years old and 80 years old, so they're calling for the person. To stop doing that stop stealing their sign, and they want to find out who smashed their windshield because Mitchell is his name. He's 92 years old. He says that he's gonna prosecute whoever broke the windshield on the back of his car. 617 to 66 60 60 feet is the number right now We're talking about the honora. They're fighting back against a lawsuit from the New York City attorney general, and I want to know. Do you think this is going to backfire and Democrats face because You know, Joe Biden has come out and said that he's coming for the NRA. And he's also come out and said he's coming for your second Amendment. He has. He's embraced these radical. Anti Second Amendment agenda. And what what do you think about this? And also There are 2.5 million first time gun owners in 2020. Are you one of them? There are a lot of texts coming in. And a lot of phone calls. 617 to 66 68. 68. Is the number 617 to 66 68. 68 or you can text 70470 That is 70470 Russ in Boston, Europe Next on V B in the middle. How are you, Russ? Really? God bless the NRA. There's no doubt in my mind, this will backfire. Legal gun owners of the most Laura fighting Americans. Blowing the liability of Roni and securing firearms. Every day. We're reminded that we cannot depend on government for us safety. Now let me just briefly read Tio robbery, robbery prevention tips. In many and after many, many Annapolis OK that it really apply everywhere do not walk alone, be hyper aware of your surroundings at all times. Pay attention. Carry on the items you need in carried less cash. Be prepared to give up your cell phone purse. Wallet keys. Ready in your hand as your asses you approach your car. Despite all efforts, robberies may still occur. Do if they say yes, Safety is most important. Now, seriously, what more do we have to hear than that, knowing that we must defend our Second Amendment rights and screw the Democratic Party in their ignorant followers? Russ. You know, President Trump is going to preserve our second Amendment. I've played Kat after cut after cut of Joe Biden saying that he's gonna come after the Arras and come after your second Amendment I paid. I played Beta Iraq saying Hell yes, we're coming after your guns. I mean how much they're open about it. They're admitting that they that there's there openly attacking the Second Amendment. Second Amendment is under attack by the Democrats. I mean, how can anyone who loves the Second Amendment and who is who protects wants to protect their family and is ah, lawful gun owner? How can they vote for someone like that? Like Joe Biden? And I want to say I am the legal gun owner as you are. Good for us, right? Yeah, Absolutely. Ross. God bless you, Russ. Thank you very much True that call 617 to 66 68 68 is the number 617 to 66 68. 68 is the number that is true. The Saab 9 70 Britney. Don't forget his VP but and did advise us to all get a shotgun. So now he's against it. Yes, he is. He's a big Hypocrite. That's what Joe Biden is. He's He wants to do what's cool right now and being and you know and embracing these radical Democrats and the loony left. That's what he's doing. He's embracing their rhetoric and he's and he's openly saying that he's going to take away our second Amendment. He's going to come for the irony, isn't it Come for the guns. David in Nashua, Europe. Next on Phoebe in the middle. How are you, David? I'm doing all right. You're doing great this week. I'm gonna start listening to your weekend shows great much, David. I appreciate it. Yes, I'm not a first year student for years. I was pretty aggressively shooting very regularly, and we couldn't even get ammo. We got the lineup at Wal Mart in the morning and they'd be like a few people. Where would we all go right to the ammo cleaning help? Andi. I don't think that's changed things. They're empty, and I think this is completely political. Just one part of a prom to attack the Trump administration there in politicizing the virus, right? I think this is gonna backfire. I'm going to call this the Goya beans effect that's biology. When everyone attacked Goya. Just what does that mean? Went to the supermarket. They cleaned out the shells just showing that you know, through, Americans will find a way to use their patriotism toe against those who have suffocate American citizens. Yeah, David, I don't think that the NRA membership is going to skyrocket now, just like first time gun owners that you know that that's guy, right? 2.5 million people have bought guns for the first time in 2020 So I definitely think the people going to sign up for the array after this lawsuit has been filed. I think so For me. I'm all my friends are honorable people. I am going to be one this year specifically because of this, and that's part of their backfire. Yeah, not. I am not a member of the NRA either, but I think I might have to look at their membership. I think you could do like a one year two year, five years. Something like that. So I'll definitely have to look into that after the show for sure, David. Thank you very much for that. Call. Great. Call 617 to 66 60 68 is the number 617 to 66 68 68. I want to talk about this Sudbury couple that Had their trump signs. Don't their trump signed stolen and their windshields were smashed in their car because they had they had a trump sign in their front yard. They only had it for two days and those two days they were stolen. I want to talk about that. They are an adorable couple, and they want this person prosecutor and I want to know Has anything similar happened to you? And your trump Signed were also following the breaking news on Charlie Baker, Charlie Parker as Joe Biden would say, We're following that breaking news.

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