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You can use if anything vicky perria who she was on the cusp. Blow is kind of like a jeopardy fight. There have been created where only the top twelve drives in the championship guaranteed seats for next year includes chadwick so should she want to. She can come contest next year potentially with another five hundred thousand which would be nice but b._s._a. Period going into bronx. She was kind of she's in tenth place but it was kind of on the cusp of may be dropping out of that top twelve actually a brunch mush elevate herself to ninth breath and so for that she'll win fifty thousand dollars. She joked she i. She needs a natural car to drive around in so that might be what she's easing that will for granted runflat. Yes she said sensibly is yes. She said she wanted to many keeper was what she wanted to invest the rest but then she wanted it more so it's good isn't it map but this isn't criticized. The process is a pretty impressive way better than basically anything else but if you call four thousand dollars that's not enough to get you insert formula three seats or an s._e._c. a again. I want us to criticize the amount but it says it says a lot about the scale of the the challenge. That's not quite drop in the ocean but it's it's not the whole ocean. I think it's five hundred thousand is at least enough to make an impact on the budget for the next it could be it could be a could be a difference maker whereas low of <unk> price in the past really happy to drop in the ocean or they've been tests the one go anywhere and this is at least worth walsum yet further down the field is fantastic reserved against seven grants but it's not gonna do much for their <hes> an for their racing career bills someplace else yeah absolutely i think we talked when we had the first podcast else called cast and less about how amazing if the opportunities around w series we're just not it wasn't just a single gender opportunity in some ways but this this philosophy was rolled out to other junior single seater series and you could get this development thrive in an and the the no teams car rotation engineer rotation ethos authorities. It's a brilliant way of of running a championship to develop people and to get the funding behind behind do something like this. You really need a catchy idea and just a genius single seater series without the element of yes. This is going to the groundbreaking. Women series wouldn't have got money behind. It wouldn't have got the emphasis so <hes> i'm sure people listening to this will go there so many underfunded talented male drivers out there who need five hundred grand <hes> and help from hints the performance and all these opportunities there but that's that's also not really the point of his who co improvement over the overall results when necessary anything and especially also coming up on the royals yeah. I think there are a few drivers. It's up. There isn't really a midfield as such because of course it's all the same car but there are definitely a few he drivers in the midfield that were consistently consistently that old our bikes and scoring points in eight people like tasman pepper mickey coma. They have done fantastically just just to prove that they're really good names for the series papillon vo van tesa took pole at masonic. She has always been roundabout the sharp head and i think she'd be one to watch if she returns to the series next year as well up. Also i really think he's worth machine back and go cts who was involved in the opening lap crash <hes> hockenheim she. She's the youngest driver on the grid. Then she held hands up to responsibility for the accident but she actually won the reverse grid non don't championship race asset so i think for her to have gone from crashing hockenheim and then she has been at the back of the field for the for the duration of the races and she was actually dropped norris ring. She was an dropped into reserve position. W series reserves the right to evaluate drive performance out the whole year and they took her out for kesse. I say so. I think to have gone through that to sort of bean right at the back into <hes> have struggled..

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