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He is up to wide receiver. Fifty at that's ten eleven. Turn ten ten right now. He's going right behind fellow rookie. Jalen waddell going ahead of henry rugs russell gauge and darnall mooney lodge. Moore's getting some hype is warranted in new york for mr moore When when he was drafted to the jets took a deep breath. Because this is one of my favorite players you could. You could put them in with tony Neither of them with an initial landing spot That i had hoped for. But then i took a look at the landscape to look at people that are there. You gotta defensive-minded coach who's coming in but the draft show all offensive skill set Building on that offense. You've got a rookie quarterback you've got a rookie wide receiver and you've got a rookie running back. They're not acting like rookies. If you look at the press. They're showing up early working hard allies. You're more guts. Negative attention In the game people follow esi. Football can remember when he pretended to be dog urinating indian-zone versus mississippi story. He had answer to that through the combine process. And i think it's matured him very nicely he he's become somewhat of an old soul wrapped up in five foot ten inch hundred eighty pound body. You know the veteran players talk positively about him. He and the quarterback's seem to have things going early Fancy players probably don't care but there's a director scouting at the new york jets named joan car and he's doing a very good job is reflected in this draft was reflected last year stressed There's a guy named phil savage and in bulk you've heard of him. He's on the nfl network. Used to ruin the senior bowl. And he what he's got is a good relationship across with administration across the southeastern conference senior being in mobile alabama. So they know the players they know the players on the field and also feel kind of players. That are going to play for coach. Robert salads jets are kind of players that you want to root for so if you draft this player..

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