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But of course gentleman I am so I was American my my father was a trainer in the Amazon River then maybe it's more than coincidence that Larry was killed by a reanimated poison from South America what were you didn't tell us that the poison fox took movie review gentlemen this is bad you're telling us no you don't understand he will not diminish from before the war room the mobile as poisons your poison arrow poison darts from South America well what about this Mr noble it's true now hi Brengle rotten to me from Ecuador they were poisoned but not now I had to stop all soaked up when I mounted them Mr Pringle is it possible to use that poison after it's been removed well I don't know the year natives or south American usual number of poisons they act in different ways I can assure you that Mary did not die of poisons in this collection are where she procured it is a question for you detected you still insist it was suicide I do not like me maybe there's another way we can settle yeah what is it well merry seems to have been a very lonely girl a common for lonely girls to keep diaries merry kept one practical tells what she intended to do shares S. S. RK retiree for Christmas Joe was kept on the top of the desk up in her rooms round it up to the bedroom we go that's your desk over there by the window and refined it on top and that's right it's a big green and gold book I don't see it my name is on the wrong you know no just the usual stuff well it's not here Mr noble well that's very strange but you have not well I don't know if it's important enough to make a search right now we're going with a question no well do you mind if you're going well yes my wife and I'd like to get home if there's nothing we can do here we'll say good night well the inspector may not have done with you I think so we need your master number can give us your address and phone number yes of course well good night this is Pringle one moment please learn your purse has taken on weight very suddenly but who what now look inside please wait well this is Pringle yeah I I didn't know much of Mr noble motion to me to open my business trip something in I didn't know what was in a hurry you see it's a different color but I'll admit it I misled you all most of the diary into a purse while he was searching the destiny certainly doesn't help your case Mr noble I don't know what computer ideas maybe might have written down I wanted to protect her memory and yes my reputation by noon read anything in nothing very unusual so far no mention the suicide twenty seven there I gather that you proposed a merry home many times we never followed up our questions with you are this I know what you have in mind but you are wrong I can because I don't know Hey Mister inspector who's me I realize this diary episode with my wife it just pushes her but since Mr noble has admitted the fault I think we're cleared it would you let us go home now nice vinaigrette string of my wife well we don't like to go out I I wouldn't ask you Sir but my wife is not in good health sensing what do you say Mike there certainly by all means all right Mister Randall thank you very much you do not memory wait what okay now Mr noble if you please the address of Mr Mrs Pringle I suppose you boys know this may be a wild goose chase XO injuring the Pringles were a little too anxious to get home and I'm still not satisfied about the diary in the press I put on quite an innocent man the way noble came to their rescue there there's a house number fifteen eleven many chart documents for me we drove slowly so we can hear him we want to catch them and whatever they have to win inspector yeah okay start your engines he was walking the grass so they won't here's in the shadows in the garage.

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