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A P news. I'm Rita Foley. The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Elsa may strengthen a little tonight and tomorrow while moving close to the Northeast. Hurricane specialist Jack Bevan intensification is expected as a strong gets closer and then moves out over portions of the Atlantic Ocean near and East of the mid Atlantic seats, but we will not regain its former say this is a hurricane will just be sort of a modest strengthening. When this happens, the storm killed one person in Florida and injured several others in southeast Georgia. This morning. It's been moving over South Carolina heading toward North Carolina in the mid Atlantic before moving on to the Northeast. At midnight last night. The search for survivors of the condo building collapse in Florida ended 54 people are known Dead 86 missing the apes Jackie Quinn. The search now is only for remains with no hope anyone could be found alive. Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine cover and W P L G. We have hoped in our hearts. And in quiet moments for a miracle. We have all asked God for a miracle. Fire officials say the pancake collapse didn't leave large areas where people could have survived in most of the victims found had died in their beds since the tower crumbled in the middle of the night. I'm Jackie Quinn. Gun battle in Haiti Authorities say they killed four suspects in the murder of Haiti's president yesterday. Two other suspects are in custody. They're not providing details on the suspects, nor talking about a possible motive for the murder going back to work yet office buildings in the top 10 US cities have an average occupancy rate of only 32%. That's according to estimates from Castle Systems, the security company that monitors access card wipes at thousands of buildings. This is a P news. The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley Cup and John Leather B has more on Tampa Bay's big win for the second straight year of the Tampa Bay Lightning or hoisting the Stanley Cup. Rookie Ross Golden scored the only goal of the game of the second period to give the lightening of one Nothing went over Montreal at Emily Arena. Colton, the University of Vermont product tipped O'Gorman feed past an outstretched Carey price in the Canadians goal, sending the near capacity crowd into a forensic. Lightning netminder Andrei Vasilevskiy was named the consummate trophy winner as the playoffs Most valuable player. The whole team deserves it for sure. And, uh You know, just to, uh, to have five shut outs in one playoffs. It's It's all about team for Tampa forward Pat Maroon. This is his third straight championship wedding last year and in 2019 with ST Louis. I'm John Leather Big. The Dow closed up 104 points yesterday. The S and P up. 14, the NASDAQ Up one. I'm Rita Foley. AP News Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network for News on the go Private AP Mobile AB get breaking US International news from the world's most trusted news source,.

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