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That means there's not a whole lot going on a bunch of teams. Shut down their off-season programs. I'm at the end of last week. I think you'll see more of that this week. Probably some teams going into next week with their young guys, but for the most part, the virtual part of the offseason program is over a lot of. Of, coaches have sort of felt like they've gotten to the point where they've done what they can do over the computer. They're gonNA let guys go. They're gonNA let their coaches go, and we'll see where it goes from here. We don't know one coaches and players are going to report back the date for most teams July twenty eighth. The question now becomes whether or not they're going to be showing up to camp early. To accommodate a longer acclimation period, or if they show up on time again that report date for most teams July twenty eighth. With the idea that they had the acclimation period. Cancel some preseason games. To accommodate the that that period of time so that's what's ahead right now. We still have plenty for you here. We got two great guests coming in, but we're GONNA start as we always do at the takeaways and I take away for the week. I. Don't know if you guys were watching on Tuesday night, Roger Goodell this actually Monday night Roger. Goodell went on ESPN as part of This return to sports special that all the commissioners on told Mike Greenberg on Colin Kaepernick. If you want to resume his career in the NFL. Then obviously, it's going to take a team to make that decision, but I welcome that support club making that decision. Encourage them to do that if efforts are on the field. But continuing to work on the space, we welcome him to the table and to help us guide us. Help us make better decisions about the kinds of things that need to be done in the communities. We have invited him in before. We WanNA make sure that everybody's welcome at that table and trying to help us deal with some very complex difficult issues that have been around for a long time, but I hope we're at a point now, where everybody is committed to making long-term sustainable change, so my basic. Take away from this is that I think getting Colin Kaepernick on the roster is going to be a little complicated right now for a couple of different reasons. Number one I think it's part of the issue is going to be if the NFL manufacturer something. Does he see that as patronizing? Does he see a team trying to do it to make themselves look good as he see it as the team trying to put the issue to bed, and so rightfully because that trust has been broken over the last three or four years between Colin, Kaepernick, and League there there is the question of how he views and opportunity, if it does come along the next question from a football standpoint. is He willing to go somewhere? On a will see deal. DOES HE WANNA play bad enough? Where if team says we'll bring you in on the minimum, or we'll bring you in less than a million bucks, and there's no guarantee that you're going to make the team, but we will give you an opportunity, and you'll get erupts in the summer and you'll get to get your chance. Is that good enough and on the flip side? How many teams are willing to do that? Knowing they may create a problem for themselves if they have to cut calling cabinet at the end of camp, because remember. Last time con- cabinet play, there were questions that summer over whether or not, he was GonNa make the forty niners roster. They had tried to trade him earlier in the year. They benched him during the year. So the other possibility after now this would be seasons away that he may not be in position to make an NFL team as there, and so that's part of it too i. just think this is. This is not a straight line. And and look like I love to see Colin Kaepernick has left. I love to see how he's able to evolve as a player. You may remember like his explosion onto the scene happened right one. During Tibo Mania in two thousand and you know right after to Tibo Mania, two thousand eleven, two thousand twelve rg three had the huge year was rookie of the year, so while the sort of scheme stuff and the sort of the different types of college offenses were hitting the NFL. Colin Cabernet just right and was awesome for a couple of years in his career, tailed off from there, and so I'd be fascinated to see what the next chapter to that is. I think you know it would be a good message to everybody to see him. Get his opportunity I think some of this is going to come down to a finding a team. That's willing to do it that of course is first, and then be how this opportunity is presented to him and what he's willing to accept, and so there are still some things to work out there. My guess, is he probably you know? He probably gets an opportunity and again then the question would become whether or not. It's good enough. I'm interested to see how all that plays out it's GonNa be fascinating to watch especially. During a year in which for the first time it feels like quarterback supply really outweighed demand where no. You had cam. Newton you still have Cam Newton out there. Joe! FLACCO was out there without a job for quite some time and you know wound up going to a place where he knows the general manager, Joe Douglas was actually the area scout who evaluated him coming out of Delaware. In Two thousand eight in Baltimore. You know you had James Winston available for a long stretch during the off season, so we've seen this off season. It's been a different one at the quarterback position, but I'd love to see what it would look like Khan cabinet, getting on a roster and competing for a spot and the unique thing that I think is going to make it the thing that's unique about this year. I think makes it a little different as you probably won't Cry Training Camp You're not gonNA. Have crowd in the stadium, so you don't have to deal with all that and on top of it. You know I think more teams are probably looking at the idea of adding him from a non football standpoint as a positive versus where you know three or four years ago. I think a lot of teams would have looked at the idea of him. In is like Oh. We have to deal with this and this and this I think is different now and I think that's because so much has changed in our country questioned or a takeaway number two. This is come up. It's going to continue to come up. covid nineteen the situation in Dallas, the situation in Houston Zeke getting it. We've heard now. Coaches talk about quarantining quarterbacks. Bruce Arians in Tampa, brought it up Doug Peterson and phillies and other one who brought it up. To me like the whole idea of what you do. Coming out of positive cases, a fascinating one, and so I like this is this isn't going to affect on Miller Zeke Elliott or any of the guys who have it now. In fact like some of those guys might wind up being better off getting it now because you know they, they would have built up some immunity..

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