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The final numbers for him on sunday were twenty one thirty that seventy percent two hundred forty two passing yards two touchdowns he ran for a touchdown he did have an interception the enzo matthew i'll excuse them for that he spread the football out a bunch on sunday nobody had more than seventy six receiving yards george hill scored a touchdown trent taylor added touchdown was wrenching garoppolo himself ran for a touchdown but this offense is certainly clicking in a way that had not been anywhere close to before garoppolo insertion as the starter in our new would you do with it other than like if you're in a truly deeply agree with it at the dfs tournament punt because we but kao use check with a fivefoot seventy six five targets again somebody that a lot of people you know that maybe don't paul the nfl that closely were surprised when call use check out such a huge contract out of coming out of baltimore last year to sign with the forty nine ers but use check one of the best fullbacks in the nfl and somebody who has a much better pass catcher then i think he gets credit for so i wouldn't be surprised to see that continue in week seventeen and next year as this offense takes more shape under cow shanahan with jimmy garoppolo expected to be under center yeah i'm with you there i fate that he certainly as a player that's you know maybe like a deeper six like i could see the world league right next year like how you should could be a legitimate flex play during the by weeks especially for the jaguars it was late were all the production cable click portal still four his way to twenty two point four prc points in for a while it felt like the team at pulled leonard for out of the.

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