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From ABC News. I'm Dave Packard, US and said another virus record more than 77,000 new cases in the last 24 hours and now watchdog group that discovered the White House had a list of states. They thought should close up after the Corona virus outbreak took over. The states include Florida, Texas, Arizona and California, ABC style. Hernandez has reaction from Dr Hashish Job. Harvard's director of the Global Health Institute, a new and unpublished White House task force document states considered red zones where reopening Zehr recommended to be rolled back. White House officials saying the list was a guide for response efforts, not for the public to see and ignoring science and hiding scientific input from the White House to the American people is not a way to move us forward. Another of the state's mentioned in that report is Georgia. The state's governor, Brian Kemp, suing the city of Atlanta and its mayor for enforcing what Kemp himself says is the right thing to do. Atlanta's mayor, Keisha Lance Bottom, says she believes she will prevail in court because the governor is overstepping. Pounds. Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani said that a startling 25 million Iranians may have been affected with Corona virus was 10 times the official told there Reyes is pouring in today for a civil rights giant Congressman John Lewis died after a battle with pancreatic cancer talk. Andrew Young, served as mayor of Atlanta and represented Georgia in Congress. He said the late John Lewis had a calming effect on everyone. And you fear sometimes what you don't know. And when you get to know someone You realize that there's nothing to see you, Young told ABC. The deaths on Friday of Lewis and another civil rights leader, Reverend C. T. Vivian, proved a key pillar of the civil rights movement. The fact that John made it for 80 is CT for 95 years. Means that Nonviolence does work. Brian Clark ABC NEWS You're Listening to ABC News News.

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