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Analysts means if Tom Paul Stevens fox news Minneapolis city council members on Sunday announcing a veto proof push to disband the Minneapolis police department following the death of George Floyd while in police custody last month currently the Minneapolis police department we think we know what we really Minneapolis city council president Lisa Bender she claims that previous efforts at incremental police reform have failed there were more demonstrations and rallies across the nation on Sunday protesting racism and the death of George Floyd no major flare ups were reported anti racism protesters in southwestern England pulling down the statue of a slave trader and then dumping it into the harbor on Sunday demonstrators using ropes to topple Edward Colston statue which was then rolled into nearby Bristol harbour police are investigating tropical storm crystal ball making landfall over southeastern Louisiana Sunday night Cristobal has made landfall directly south of us straight across the mighty Mississippi River that and sent the old that is where first of all it came ashore it will head up here pasta sauce in New Orleans and continue its track north there has not being significant flooding yet it is not being as bad as many had feared and a lot of New Orleans residents so we used to these kind of storms of course say it's all about being prepared boxes Jonathan hunt pope Francis on Sunday cautioning people in countries emerging from the coronavirus lockdowns to keep following authorities rules for covert nineteen containment the pontiff greeting several hundred people from his window in Rome now that Italy is gradually eased its stay home rules America is listening to fox news W. O. A. I'd local news San Antonio lifted its curfew on the downtown business district following days of peaceful demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd and inequality mayor Ron Nirenberg signed a declaration officially.

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