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Anthony Honest NBC for right now. 88 in Rancho Santa Margherita 97 in orange. It's 96 Chatsworth in 86, West Hills. We lead local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra, Mark John and Kensho, John Cobalt and Ken Sham Poets camp. I am 6 40 live everywhere. Even there on the I Heart radio at your chance at that $1000 of the keyword to Texas just 15 minutes away. We got the voice line people coming in about an hour or so, along with And the mob Svetlana and the crew. They've agreed to come in today to help us throw a hack in a dumpster. It's another in a category of hacks that we spent some time this throw summer throwing into the Dumpster, you'll find out who the latest attack is. In the five o'clock hour from time to time. We get e mails from listeners that we respond to and decide. Maybe even to put him on the air, and particularly if they're small business owners who have been hit really hard by the pandemic shutdown that's gone on for far too many months. This time. It's a man by the name of Kevin. Who runs a tanning salon, But he says he's been in the same location for 15 years. This is in L. A And has been closed for almost six months. The assistance I've received did not cover even one month of my rent and equipment lease. I'm under the threat of never reopening as I can simply no longer sustain the situation. And he's got a lot more of the story to tell. We're going to bring him on. But the one thing and the one point that kind of stands out from this email is that when you're dealing with a tanning salon, you were dealing with one person. In the tanning booth at a time. It's they're not in a situation that was surrounded by other customers and people, No rational reason. And, Ah, apparently, they do have enforcers available. You could see when you have mayhem, and people are burning down nearly 100 businesses in the Fairfax district. They didn't have anybody available to stop that. But they have somebody available. Tio shut down a tanning salon and threatened the owner. Because this is the like the Soviet Union were living in here in l A. Kevin welcome. How are you? I'm good. Thanks, guys for having us on. I appreciate it. Do you want to give out the name of your salon and where you are, or you want to stay? It's the sun Studio l A. And we're in Marina del Rey. We've been there for like you said 15 years in the same location now explain why this is completely irrational that they've kept you shut down. Give our listeners a run down. Well, the Ah, the health department came in and Ah, basically told us that we need to. Ah, We need to close immediately, and she said she wasn't going to leave until Until we closed and we really haven't been able to get an answer as to why we are required to be closed. We've been put into what they called personal care. Service is that has you know tattoo parlors and nail salon and some really high touch businesses that we really shouldn't be categorised with And it's creating. Ah, It's created a problem and we just can't get anyone to listen to us. I've been reaching out every elected official that I can. We've got no response. And no, thank you. I'm getting absolutely no response from every representative, every councilman of bonding in particular that we've been reaching out to you and can we And I mean, I gotta thank you guys. I mean, for letting us have a voice because we seem to be in a segment that nobody wants. Teo. You explaining the email? Our occupancy is private. Only one per room And we follow all the protocols listed in the L. A County public health order, so everyone there is the risk here. Where is the risk? Yeah, That's uh, That's our question. It just seems like the kind of lumped us in there without really taking without really taking a look at it. I mean, we spend thousands of dollars just putting Ah Protocols in place, the shields and the distancing measures and appointment measures so people if they wanted to make appointments and things like that, and Then they shut us down again. Let me ask you this because I've never been to a tanning salon. What say, Let's say I go right? I want I want. Ah, Want to look like Donald Trump and I can't come in. Come in to the tanning salon. What do we do? What do you do? Well, you right now you could walk in and most of our members. Most of our clients are members where they're automatically paid or they made their purchase online through our website. You could literally check in from your car and tell us that you're here and you walk in the front door. You go straight to the room that you chose, and, ah, like it says in the email, If a private room and ah, you lay in the tanning bed or you stand up, you don't you could do a standup or lay down or if it's a spray. Can you do the spray Tan? It's an automated machine. And you walk out and it's over and done and it takes about 10 15 minutes and you're out the door and there's Literally zero contact. We have no contact with any clients. So you know I don't have it and they don't have contact with other clients. There's not a lot of passing other people's rooms. Exactly. The clients have no contact with one another as well. And everybody's in a private room. I mean, they're 8 ft tall walls. And there is no interaction. We were told that we could sell retail items at the front door as long as nobody is allowed to enter the salon. And I actually told her that you know that more interaction than using our service right now. I know selling our help. So what? But what happens after I used the tanning booth? What do you do to clean it for the next customer, right? That might be a concern, right? So we Yes, We have ah, meditation process that we use, and it's a It's Ah, it actually says on the bottle of the Pollution that's used to sanitize every room between sessions, says Corona virus on the bottle, and it's a It's a medical grade sanitation. Ah, Products that we use to sanitize each room. And we're actually giving each client eh Ah sanitation wife if they if they choose to kind of wiped down door knobs or anything that's just to make him feel comfortable before. Ah, Before they go into the room. If they want one, they can have one. But, yeah, we clean every room between every session. I have not heard of anybody. Getting a violence is going to expand so long. I know I haven't heard of this either. Totally, totally a fake issue. Yes. I mean, nobody wants to go into a dirty tanning salon, with or without a pandemic. I mean, if you're not clean, but you know, there's a cryotherapy in my shopping center. That's open. There's an Ivy therapies open in our crowd therapy is is When? When? When they don't? They're right. But they What did they do The freeze your muscles or something? Death exactly Go into a cold chamber and they freeze They lower the temperature and I don't know. I mean, they're allowed to be open and the I V therapy in our shopping centre is open, and I don't know why the they're hooking up ivy lines to people's arms to give them Yeah, exactly. It's a vitamin. It's a vitamin injection through an I V and so in these businesses, they're probably in separate booths as well. With with the equipment correct yet correct. Okay, so it's essential. I don't understand the difference there. There is no difference. Everybody is being an idiot here and who put these restrictions on? It's the county. So this is the county supervisor's Yes. Originally we were categorised by the state as like, stage to opening the stage to be, I guess they called it where We were categorised with car washes and pet groomers and all that then l. A county kind of re categorized. At personal care, and we are with tattoo parlors and Nance along this is batty Barbara Ferrer, whose claim to fame is sending Ah infected nursing home patients into nursing homes.

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