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A roundabout sort of indirect funding of this guy i guess subsidizing of this guy this organization was founded by soros i you'd a communications coordinator laura trask told law and crime in a phone interview that the group gave thirty thousand dollars since two thousand nine usually providing matching gifts and she noted that the donor list should be updated with that in mind that wouldn't be anywhere near what of their most important donors and it's and it really doesn't mean that hardiman is subsidized by soro's but she drew sort of a connection between the two yeah i found article from march of this year when trump signed the omnibus spending bill didn't have sent in there for his wall that is apparently what was off okay and the quote from her is i knew he was a shallow lazy ignoramus and i didn't care and then she and then she quoted him in a tweet that she quoted the president where he said i will never signed another bill like this again and she responded yet because you'll be impeached wow she's got some resentment now for mr trump but but don't for rain really straight the title of her book last year was in trump we trust that was the year before maybe twenty sixteen she's interim from interim we trust replacing god with trump and now now she's saying supreme court nominees are subsidized by soros yeah kind of off the bandwagon i think that's a way of saying yes if you're interested in financial freedom and really who isn't this could be the most important message you'll ever here on thursday july ninth.

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