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It it's going to be just throw barbara away but if you're evaluating this team in what you have it makes sense to give barbara margarethen i would i would hold them on my fantasy roster but i i do i wish i had had vault yeah i would add him to to a fantasy roster but i would still expected to go back to that we are going to get into the waivers obviously end tomorrow show get you more prepared to pick up players that can impact this first week of the playoffs maybe you've got the by and you're looking to weeks away we'll talk about defenses that you need to pick up and start and you got to be looking now to a couple yes weeks away from here wide receivers explosion from taibbi kale two touchdowns on two hundred eighty five his store the words beautiful yeah beautiful call their jason nelson agla low great nelson aguilar has he uses the game jeannie but it's only active if five seconds has gone off the clock from the snap he's not a good player until then but when five seconds goes off and carson winces doing spin move moves scramble israel in around i mean abdel are is like ten yards away from the nearest defender at all times he two balls last night okay he had a great game right now smugglers some for one forty one and one this could have been bigger all lot bigger missed amount of crossing route early i know call chris calls the dnc talked about meeting that passed six hundred and fifty times after he missed it i don't know why i just kept brennan that up it's like not not like russell wilson did miss a pass.

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