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O'Hare fifty three sorry about the twenty five midway fifty five bucks lake fifty one along the lakefront fifty four. I'm Kim, Gordon and the WGN radio newsroom, and these are the stories that matter on seven hundred twenty WGN. Rokon show with that right here on WGN heavy twenty nineteen twenty nineteen turnaround around from what has been. That a great start to twenty nineteen for bear stands for basically anybody. It's a new year. We'll look at it this way, the hawks are doing better. That's true. That's true. I so I mentioned earlier that I lost. My my ear pod. Kennedy. Is there's wireless earphones watch two thousand th yes at Soldier Field. Right claiming the little slighty thing for your belongings. Right. As has going through security, and and then someone else grabbed him and went off with them. And I just sent me. I just I found them a bag didn't find it turns out they were in my house yesterday at noon. That's the last thing that my that. My phone just told me, oh, I knew that. I was in my house at noon yesterday, south thing. You know? Right. That doesn't help didn't have to tell me that. I know it. That's what I do. How about that for a smartphone? Yeah. So then but said senators send send a sound anyway. So I'm sending a sound in its pending. We're going to find out and we find out who it is. What's going to happen to them? And it might be Cody parkey. Let's blame him. I am. It's more might as well he was showing some new headphones off in the game. Remember, the interview he did have other Cody kind of Pasi got their man. Now, did you go in the locker room after was all yesterday? I did. Yeah. And did you did you rally around Cody? Four hundred media members sticking microphone in his face. And what can you tell me just make me feel a little bit better about this? Well, he owned up to it. We asked mechanically says he thought he struck the ball. Well, he says he was trying to play the win which was left. The right is what he said. And that's why he's trying to play that draw the right to left into the wind. Obviously didn't work out. Ball was tipped as well. But he made up to it. He did I'll give him credit to that. He's felt awful about. It is team rallied around him. Not a single guy said anything negative about him. Akiem Hicks said that's my guy where team together we win and lose together. So. Face the music, give them credit for that. That's true. I did feel bad. He was sitting there and just like on top of cameras in his face lights and his face microphones. Not a good. Look ravi. Gold is at the game. Right. Tweeting out pictures of his sons watching can we let me ask you this. Should we not allow Robbie gold ago these games because it's spooking our own kickers? I think so wasn't he giving gold told us like two weeks ago? He did a presser. With the media. And he says he's going to go to the game. He says his wife still lives here part time. And so he comes back. He's still bears fan at heart and his kids are and so he he wants him to go all the way the Super Bowl. He was a real positive thing. I there's an interesting that he happens to be a year in which you know, that the bears have a kicking problem because it's been all season long. They've had a kicking problem with this guy's only kicking three out of every four temps are going through the two operates, which I we should explain to them is how you score the point. That's what usually there's some bad social media post, by the way of parking pre surfacing today. What's that? He's there's a picture of there's a video of him. He's like practicing this Sunday. And it's him kicking at a poll that was. I'll maybe he doesn't know how it works. Right. And then there's a picture of field goal post when he's playing at Auburn. And he said kickers best friend hashtag field goal post. Yeah. The internet wins again. Oh, look for parking. Oh my God. I made to hit the post six times the guy's not gonna hit a post six times in his career. He doesn't in one season and not a single one of those in not one. And this was the closest one to going in most from just fell right down to the end zone. This one hit the a lot of people thought it went in right away. I thought it went in right dead volt down. We we were watching the interview when people started screaming, and then you're like, oh God you see a bouncing around the end zone. And he just hear the terror. And it's two of them. Right. Double dunk. Can you have the double could we hear the double the double d? It's awful. It's horrifying to think about what what just transpired here. But I, but you know, the only way to get through this people is to limit until it doesn't hurt which could take Kevin twenty or thirty years. Yeah. I'll bet..

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