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Pints around remember to listen and subscribe to archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts including apple podcasts Spotify and Google play. And if you listen to the show through I tunes, please leave us a review. So he'd only copied like the first two versus of it. And I said, you know, if you go get the song last, I it says you wind up at a keys gotta keyhole on your knees. Look at the killing just really, yeah. It's a song by Bob Dylan. Yeah. Man today brought to you by the polar vortex. Because despite the fact that the heaters in the studio set to eighty two degrees three it's in the fifties. To and from Ryan Restivo. And komax Long Island Suffolk County. I've no skills in the art world. But I have some in Photoshop so I put together this. It's got everything the mural chatter needs trots Hopi the game to save in Lovie. It is the top of the Sistine Chapel where Barry. Oh, yeah. It's just been testing. Eric Hanson, a TV guy into Moines Iowa's, he signs it. Then right sock left sock. Wool right sock left sock. Dress right sock left suck right? Boot left. Boot. We're all the way to twelve below zero this morning all layers into Moines, Iowa, Steve the sycophant, your description of your physical exam reminded me the story about the doctor asking the examinee. Do you want? The good news or bad news first. Let's have the good news fine. A newly discovered fatal disease will be named after you terribly. Oh, sure. Chris almond can whistle out of his mouth. But the body has a number of other orifices. What would you bring on some real from Dennis Ryan and traverse city Michigan? Sorry, Dr Tony, but you've lost touch with the Long Island routes on PTI. You told wilbon the islanders no longer have a following Nassau and Suffolk because they don't play there anymore. Actually, they will the played more more than half their home games at a renovated Nassau Coliseum this season. I didn't know that. Yeah. In Brooklyn, the whole time. Here's the baby. The mother. My own. Tony took me two aisles games at the Nassau Coliseum. Which at that time was located Nassau County. It is in Nassau County in Uniondale. I can still recall how great the New York's pizza was across the street at the rally show in Boise, Idaho. Every woman in America has an ex-boyfriend just like loose. Russet. I am sure that Mike from Burke Virginia us pretty chill. Dude, Kellyanne John job because she's good at her job. I was expecting. She was nice to me once interesting question can somebody be completely despicable and good at a job? Come on set. You work at the four letter leader, and you work for razz. You, you know, the answer from Don hammock in Biloxi, Mississippi and her against positively the people would never would have guessed it's stupid where it's not. It's a non word, Jim Flynn and Cobra Connecticut, I was up for jury duty. Once I was interviewed to be on the jury for a complex way lawsuit with hundreds of potential witnesses as I was questioned by the three lawyers. I tried to be as much of a jerk as possible was afraid. They would still pick me. So Finally, I told them that if I was chosen I would show up every day in a Star Trek uniform was dismissed Mike Freeman to save the Star Trek paraphernalia. Just in case Jake in Manhattan. Dear Gary, clutch, Anthony Perkins reference. Dude nailed it boom goes the dynamite..

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