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I. I'm Ben Mathis William to kick ASS News Harry. Houdini say his name and a number of things. Come to mind. Escapes Allusions Magic chains safes live. Burials close to a century after his death nearly every person in America knows his name from my young age capturing their imaginations with his death defying stunts and daring acts. One of those kids was bestselling sports writer. Joe Poznansky and now. He writes about the magician and his cadre of Modern Day followers in his new book. Titled the Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini and today Joe Joins me on the podcast to recall delving into the rabbit hole of Harry Houdini. He's legendary life and separating fact from the fiction invented by Houdini and his his followers. Joe Discusses the famous handcuffs that Harry. Houdini almost couldn't get out of some of the most bizarre things. People challenged him to escape including everything from a giant envelope to a giant football and how when audiences began to lose interest. Houdini upped the ante with increasingly more dangerous escapes. He explains why many people falsely believe that the magician died performing one of his most famous tricks. And we talk about the secret code. That who Dini's widow Oh. Bess used to try to make contact with him. From beyond the grave. Joe also gives us entree into the world of Dini super fans from the couple who committed a crime Anton or their hero to the mysterious man who calls himself Houdini ghost plus he reveals. What is like in David Copperfield's private magic warehouse in in Vegas some of the Turner? The century's most bizarre sideshow acts and his daughter's favorite Houdini revenge story coming up with Joe. Poznansky eh in just a moment and Cajole Poznansky is.

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