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Years, but a Penn graduate, so an Ivy league guy, so you know, as far as being able to hold his own a couple big wins this year. Yeah. As a matter of fact, they go for the sweep of the what the informal big five series novas dominant. They can beat Saint Joe's on Saturday. They've already got it by Comey. They blew up. And then they lost in back to back weeks to Princeton. The two conference games. They've played so far. But. Of course for many years. Ryan, I'm sure you're not a pleasure to speak with you as well. I've listened to you and Ken for quite some time. And of course, Penn and Princeton used to dominate the Ivy league for all about probably good twenty twenty-five years, Pete Correal. And of course, Chuck Daly was the first one in line at that pen way back in the seventies. And then Bob wine our took pen to the final four. In fact, nineteen Seventy-nine final four do either of you guys know what's unique about James Salter. I remember that his name, Mike Bantom. And I'm talking about the four teams that appeared in that final four. Louisville. No, no way never happen again Michigan since yet. Michigan. The michigan. Michigan state depaul. Indiana state and Penn three mid major programs. Larry, yes. Now, I thought he wanted he lost the magic and the champs, right? Yeah. Michigan's in fact, at that time we were all excited because Penn took like five to lead over Michigan state in the final four game. And we're all excited and by the end of the game Penn had set the record at that time for the biggest blowout loss in the semifinal game. I think Michigan state beat them like one or two to sixty six got ugly. Was that up in Idaho, where Lake City Salt Lake City. Okay. I knew it was up in that area. BP who is the MVP of that final game. Michigan state and don't Andy don't Michigan state and.

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