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Is defending the dwt arrest of Angela West, the wife of lieutenant Colonel Allen West, who is running for Texas governor. Allen West said on social media that his wife was stopped for quote failure to signal but police chief Eddie Garcia says it was more than just that. She also observed the Mercedes enter onto the shoulder. Traveling between the shoulder and the right lane straddling the right shoulder. Mercedes continue to travel westbound on West Northwest Highway while getting further and further onto the shoulder. A sobriety test failed to give blood alcohol readings and police are awaiting blood test results. West's wife is out of jail on bond President Joe Biden calling on private companies to require Covid 19 vaccines for employees. The president praised the FDA has final approval of the Fizer vaccine and said the private sectors should follow the lead of the federal government. If you're a business leader Nonprofit leader, state or local labor, who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations. I call on you now to do that requiring. Last month, the Biden administration announced all civilian federal workers must get fully vaccinated or face tough coronavirus protocols. The Pentagon is preparing a vaccine mandate for service members. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News U. S. Troops and Afghans are continuing to be evacuated out of Afghanistan is the August 31st deadline gets closer boxes Jennifer Griffin with more from the Pentagon. The big question is, Will he let the Taliban dictate to him that August? 31st is the pullout date? We've heard from the Taliban this morning, the president had set that date as aspirational, but right now They need more time. And so the real question is what is biting going to do about that August 31st deadline, the Pentagon says in the past 24 hours, 25 c 17 3 c one thirties and 61 charter flights have carried a total of 16,000 people out of Afghanistan. That is a huge number about 40%. Of all who have left in the last week left in the last 24 hours. We would like to know if you think the Biden administration should extend the deadline. Take our poll at W b a p dot com And after hearing comments from parents on both sides of the Mask issue, the plane Osd has voted to require students and staff to wear masks to protect against Covid 19. Who are you to challenge us as parents? And who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do when it affects my Children. Please listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics be a district that teaches science not denied. Is it mask all kids until it's safer and provide a real online option. The Mask mandate goes into effect on Thursday. Texas business Closing numbers on Wall Street The Dow up 216 points NASDAQ Up to 28 the S and P 500 Up by 38 again the low Tonight 77. It is 96 degrees from the W B A P News desk. I'm Eric Bushman. You're next update at 6 30 24 7 coverage. W b a p dot com Afghanistan is burning while our citizens are left for dead at the mercy of the terrorist Taliban, France, Germany and Britain are sending their troops into the country to rescue an escort their citizens to safety. While Biden is told to leave. Our folks were dead if you can't make it to HK Airport on their own because they fear in Mogadishu Black Hawk down scenario. That's why they've left all the latest on this disaster that Biden chose to create. United States. Chris Crocker shall only on W B A. B with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts. Banking with capital one. It's like the easiest decision in the history of decisions. Kind of like choosing Charles Barkley in a pickup game..

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