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One of the first issues that secretary pompeo is going to need to deal with is the iran nuclear deal he's starting right off the bat with that interestingly we've seen some some changes from the from the pentagon particularly secretary mattis in in terms of their his stance on on the deal he told your committee at just about a week and a half ago that that you know the deal could could use some changes and some revisions some tweaks that that that is sort of a step away from his much more fullthroated support of the deal previously i'm curious where you stand on on the deal and and how you see this playing out in the coming weeks we are coming very close to the may twelve deadline i'm not very good at predicting what's going to happen and then in the next few weeks i oppose the deal when it was negotiated but the question now once the deal is in place is what happens if the united states walks away and i think secretary mattis among others to to my ear at least has been very consistent saying that whatever you thought of the deal to begin with you better understand what the consequences of walking away from it har and at the same time saying as president macron was arguing in congress just this past week that there may well be some improvements that could be made to the deal or around the deal as far as iran's other activities are going so i think we should try to work for improvement maybe enhanced verification for example of the deal or and or curtailing iran's other aggressive activities in the region and and some of their the their missile program for example but for me i would not with think it was in the best interest in united states to walk away from the deal unless we're very clear about the consequences of that if we walk away i think we're going to be on our own and and it's it's going to present a number of problems and c span radio this is news makers our guest this week is congressman mac thornberry a republican of texas chairman of the armed services committee is that time to make these changes to the deal and is their willingness on behalf of our allies.

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